By Chouse - 07/09/2012 01:56 - Canada - Grande Prairie

Today, during my uncle's funeral, my four year old loudly asked, "Where's all the dead people?" FML
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"Not here honey. Just wait for the zombie apocalypse"

You can't expect a four year old to know exactly what to say or do. My nephew has embarrassed me many times :/ Sorry about your loss OP


"Not here honey. Just wait for the zombie apocalypse"

At least he didn't say, "I see dead people..."

We are sitting all around you, darling.

They're* under his bed.

You can't expect a four year old to know exactly what to say or do. My nephew has embarrassed me many times :/ Sorry about your loss OP

Can't blame a toddler for doing that. They don't understand or know any better. I'm sure no one hated you or your toddler because there small and don't know better. It'll be ok OP.

2. I know this is random and has nothing to do with the FML but you're really beautiful.

"They should be ashes by now."

They don't bury ashes at funerals

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Not everyone's cremated.

Wow, of course not everyone's cremated. And four year olds don't know that stuff. You guys lack imagination.

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Yeah... That's the problem here...

omfg_creepers 8

Don't bring a 4 year old to a funeral.

Why shouldn't she? Tell me your reason why she shouldn't bring a four year old to a funeral, o' great life coach.

Because children this age should not be exposed to the subject...

Why not? What is the right age to learn about death? Just let the parents raise the kid the way they want. As far as I know, there aren't any harmful developmental concerns associated with a 4 year old experiencing a funeral.

sheltering kids is fucking retarded. i think we all should learn about everything

spiritfang11237 16

My sister went to a funeral when she was five and I was nine. It was our dad's funeral. Deaths can occur at any point throughout a child's life.

salsero85, so what you're saying is that we should shelter the hell out of our kids? Like the people above me said, death can occur any time and it's part of the circle of life. And if it occurs, we should teach them what it means and why we respect them, not shun them from scary society at a young age.

Oh yes kids should indeed be able to come to funerals. Death is a factual part of life, horrible and heartbreaking yes, but still something that should be dealt with. Death happens no matter what age people are, and treating it as something to hide from will only instill a stronger, more intense fear of it. Besides, a child has the right to be included in a loved ones passing, even if the understanding of it doesn't come until the child is older. The only memory I have of my great grandpa is in fact his funeral, but at least I can remember all the great things that were said about him.

I was brought to a funeral when I was 5 and I didn't understand what it was or the point was. It didn't make me mourn who died. It's pointless for a little kid to go. They don't understand death yet.

PhishloverA 14

Are you serious #4? I'm not gonna waste my time going into detail about all the ways that you're wrong right now..

KiddNYC1O 20

20- Agreed. This is why other countries' drinking age is much lower.

Can you please not bring in the drinking age debate when that was not even part of the topic being discussed?

I believe children should be exposed to death early on. What happens if a parent or sibling (or any other close family member) dies? How would they deal with it and mourn if they don't even know what just happened?

I guess any of you insensitive A-holes who started attacking me and #4 never been to a funeral in that age. I've been, twice. And it got me scared for life and cant even bare the sight of a cemetery. I couldn't even participate In my own grandmother funeral thanks to that mental trauma... BTW all of you grammar/spelling Nazis who about to correct my 1000 mistakes in this post - you can all kiss my S. nice day.

And I'm guessing you think your experience is the same for everyone. NEWSFLASH: not everyone has the same experience. Everyone is different.

You are correct, yet I still think this age is just too young...

#64, I'm very sorry to hear of your traumatic experiences. I hope you will use your experiences to teach your children (and elders!) that those should never, ever happen again. In my family, we were told (at funerals) of our ancestors' bad experiences so that we would learn to not inflict them on any child.

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I was 6 for my first funeral and I've been to plenty since. I have friends who've never been to one and they're scared to death of them. I think if you try to inform younger children that they should be celebrations of life, it may turn out easier for them to cope (obviously depending on who died) than if they never learned.

64, you personally had a bad experience at a funeral as a child so you think all children, everywhere, should be banned from funerals? What kind of screwed-up logic is that? You're not the center of the universe. There are plenty of children mature enough to handle the concept of death if their parents patiently and responsibly explain it to them.

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So by your logic, I should not have been allowed to go to my father's funeral when I was a little over 1. An older age does not mean that you understand death more. I understood it then and I understand it now.

QueenOfAwkwardd 14

So by your logic, I should not have been allowed to go to my father's funeral when I was a little over 1. An older age does not mean that you understand death more. I understood it then and I understand it now. Edit: Didn't mean to post twice, the stupid app crashed.

You understood about funerals and death and the mere age of a little over one? And you remember it? You must have an amazing brain.

My mom didn't think it was right for me to go as a small child either. I'm glad she didn't cuz I would have been scared. Im fine with them now. Everyone's different it's a parents choice. I personally think this kid was taking it fine. That comment was so cute, probably made a few people at the funeral chuckle a bit.

I was around the age of 6-8 (i can't remember) when my parents asked me if I wanted to go to a funeral. They made it my choice and talked to me about what happened. At the time, I was being selfish and said that it would be boring so I said no. As soon as they left, I felt really bad and realised how I mean I was being. Not all children are oblivious to things and all you need is proper education from parents. Though I liked that my parents gave me the choice.

Kids will be kids

mrsmaglietta 6

valid question

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Kids say the funniest stuff. My son has made me burst out loud in hysterics with the stuff he says. They have no filters lol

That isn't very funny...

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Actually yes it is :)

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Heaven, hell, in the ground or in sovngarde, one of those four.

What about limbo? Are there any dead people stuck in limbo? Also they could go to the hunting grounds hercene.

Politely tell him to be quiet then talk to him after the funeral. 4 year olds are curious little things :)

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god knows where