By snowlover - United States - Fremont
Today, I was driving through the mountains and there was a chain requirement. I went to put them on and found a note where my chains used to be saying, "Have fun in a blizzard now bitch" from my ex. FML
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  applebramble  |  22

Clearly he's the dumped and can't take it like a man . What an immature child .
OP's ex going to jail for a certain amount of time for property damage is justice enough , in my opinion .

  CallMeMcFeelii  |  13

Guys, you're missing the point! He wrote "Have fun in a blizzard now, bitch" so obviously he just wants OP to be free and have fun! Geez, all these stand up guys are totally misunderstood..

  nurchok  |  15

OP, when your ex left a note saying "Hey, I've tried to kill you," you should reply with "Challenge accepted!" and report him...

  kuzzy00  |  22

Gget him a few years in jail? Murder? Really? Lol #21,#23,#33, I don't think either of you were legal trained. One track minded rednecks with unrealistic and overzealous expectations.
Worst he can be done for is theft - which let's face it; monetary fine?

"Have fun in the blizzard" could be manipulated to different viewpoints.
For instance: the message could imply he wants to make her travels difficult (not a crime), or that he wants her to enjoy the snow (not a crime), or that he wants to disadvantage her by stealing her chains (crime). Who says his intent is murder?
Most people would be able to call for help or they'd have winter clothes in their car.

  CallMeMcFeelii  |  13

I think they caught on now, haha. It's a hit or miss it seems. Comments like yours seem necessary(sadly) for people to even get the joke. Good on you, 57, you understood it without someone explaining it, haha.

  teentee401  |  36

"Today, I stole my exes snow chains right before she went driving through the mountains, leaving a note that said, "Have fun with the blizzard, bitch." She took the note to the police and now I'm off to court. FML."


As pissed as I'd be if something like this happened to me, I think that your suggestion is just a little over the top. I would stick with property damage. Much more passive-aggressive.

  Clay_Pidgeon  |  11

Police: "Hello what is your problem?"
OP:"Yes, my ex boyfriend stole my tire chains."
Police: *static*

Stolen tire chains are the least of worries for most police departments. They have bigger problems usually. They are not going to start an investigation or be on the lookout for something like a tire chain.

  sohigh10  |  34

that's not the point. The bitch stole something from him. It's their job to impose the consequences of stealing on her.

By  MsMourningStar  |  22

I find it amusing that people are assuming the sex of the person one way or another right away because of the use of the word bitch. I hope you're okay OP, that is very dangerous and your ex is an asshole, whether they're a male or a female.

  junkman6  |  22

If a female tells me "my ex did this" I'm going to think her ex is a guy. If a dude tells me "my ex did this" I'm going to think its a female. It has nothing to do with the word choice of "bitch" by OPs ex.

Critical thinking and reasoning, a dying skill set.

  acgt1  |  5

The chains are for making driving in snowy/icy conditions safer. It gives you more control of your vehicle. (They go on the wheels.)
Just look up "Snow chains for cars" on Google.