By snowman - United States
Today, right before a huge snowstorm hit our area, I broke up with my girlfriend. In her fury, she decided to grab my car keys and roll down all four windows in my car. I now have 2 feet of half melted snow in my backseat. FML
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  unplugged_fml  |  0

two feet of snow is a lot. plus the seats will take a while to dry. and all that moisture could seep down cause corrosion and wiring problems. she's officially a bitch.

  npk88  |  0 an open area a small space such as a car...2 feet of snow melted down would be more than 3 inches. And three inches of water in your car is still really bad for it!

  Malinkrot  |  3

All the people saying "YDI" are probably bratty little girls like you who listen to too much crappy "country" music about psycho women getting revenge on their ex's by destroying their stuff.

  newsgit  |  0

because he didn't know.

FYL. People may pull the "you shoulda known she'd do this" card, but that never makes it YDI.

BTW, does she still have your car keys?