By scarredforlife - 16/08/2012 04:05 - United States - Bethesda

Today, I realized why my sister refuses to let me clean her side of the room. She's secretly been trying to revive dead ants. FML
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peachesncreem 21

And how does she think she's going to achieve that?

How was she trying to revive them? Was there a mini ER or an ant hospital? I cant wrap my mind around this.


Your_Nightmares 10

Well ok then.... Whatever floats her matter how disturbing it may be...

Mister_Triangle 21

She should float her boat to a different room. That shit's nasty

Dear People, This is what we've been reduced to. Stop joining vegetarian organizations, because this is what you will become. Become an omnivore, like what you were meant for. Sincerely, Yours Truly.

Futacy - what in the name of Usain Bolt are you talking about? Have you been snorting grated Parmesan cheese again? Do we need to stage another cheese intervention? I'm worried about you. Get help. Seriously.

Umm how does one revive a dead ant? Mouth to mouth?? :-)

Marcella1016 31

Ahem. I'm about to embarrass the crap out of myself, but I can relate to OP's sis on a slightly less disturbing level. When I was little, my window got stuck open and ants got into my room. One day I accidentally injured one but it was still alive. I felt horrible. I moved it near another ant, which picked it up and carried it off. I imagined it going to a little ant hospital to get all better. Imagine my horror when my friends informed me that they kill and eat their injured... As far as OP's sis, I can relate to the "all life is precious" standpoint. We're infinitesimally small in the grand scheme of the universe, and on that scale, ants are barely smaller than us. However...yeah, I don't know why she thought she could actually "revive" dead ants. Maybe she can channel that passion into becoming a biologist or something...

Wtf does not eating meat have to do with anything? Haha

peachesncreem 21

And how does she think she's going to achieve that?

Your_Nightmares 10

Tiny defibrillators of course!

vintagemeow 6

Mouth to mandible resuscitation?

How???? Well that's the anther OP's sister is looking for. ;)

Ancient pagan rituals that haven't been used for centuries.

jessesgirl14 16

The sister is trying to become a necrom*ant*cer!

Just out of curiousity I'd like to see how she accomplishes that lol.

Psych101 9

I believe it cost 2000 energy cubes. Sorry if I'm wrong, it's been a while since I've practiced my necromancy.

First she would have to gather all 7 dragonballs, summon shenron and wish for them to come back to life. :)

She would first make sure the ants are only part dead, not all dead, because if they are only part dead then they are also part alive. Then she would have to put a set of billows in the ants mouth and work it up and down, even if this did work the ant would still need a little while to fully recover as shown on princess bride. I apologize my memory is slightly lacking if u want the full detail watch the movie.

MerrikBarbarian 9

105- I love you for that ref! I knew it instantly. It's one of my favorite movies :)

How was she trying to revive them? Was there a mini ER or an ant hospital? I cant wrap my mind around this.

hellachillin 8

Those ants working on her ant farm have some good medical care these days, better than most people farmers actually

That's almost sweet, depends on her age though, but hey! It could be worse

ImmaB3AST 7

You play Sudoku, don't you? Finish any books lately?

That's new forever alone with revived ants .

MindFreakazoid 10

Odd indeed. But OP's sister sounds pretty awesome.

Shadow_Phantom 26

Interesting... I don't think she knows it would probably take years upon years of power advancement in order to do that, if it were possible.

Mister_Triangle 21

If we had the technology to bring dead animals back to life, I can assure you that ants would be very low on the list of dead things we want alive again.

Shadow_Phantom 26

True that. I very much dislike them... but it would be a good start, seeing as they don't take up too much energy.

Are you telling me its not normal? Seems that I have to change things in my life around a bit /:

carminecris89 13

That's creepy...and she obviously doesn't see a good deal because I don't know anyone who wouldn't want a sibling willing to clean up their side of the room. I'm assuming you live at home if you share a room. You should probably tell your parents.

carminecris89 13

25 oops I didn't clarify that enough. I mean't at home with your parents.