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Today, I was on my way to work when my ex-wife drove past me in the car she got from me. She fucked me over so hard in the divorce that I have to ride my bike to work while wearing a full suit. FML
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At least she didn't leave you only with half; imagine riding a unicycle to work!


vrouwen, je kunt beter kippen houden.

Just keep pedaling. Just keep pedaling. Just keep pedaling, pedaling, pedaling. What do we do? We pedal, pedal.

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#2This is probably the best comment on this FML post, I don't think there is much to add on that haha

Think of it this way; you're losing weight, she's gaining it. Keep pedaling and she'll be Shamu before you know it!

incoherentrmblr 21

~~Just keep pedalling~~ ~~just keep pedalling~~ ~~just keep peda-peda-pedalling~~ totally got the just keep swimming song from Nemo in my head when I read your post XD

What's that thing they said about a woman scorned? Sorry OP. One day you'll find someone you can build with who will love you unconditionally.

And how do you know the ex wife was scorned?

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how are both of these comments scoring negatively? a man got screwed over here. equality between genders. I think not

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What if he cheated on her with her sister or brother? Does that warrant a ******* over?

What if he spent all of his time being a relentless b-hole to her? What if he never let her ride in the car and always made her walk? Granted, it's unlikely, but you can't just go around saying there's nothing that could possibly justify getting a car and money in a divorce.

There's nothing that can justify it because it was his shit. I don't understand how she gets all of her *and his* crap and he gets the shitstick. You should only be able to get your own things, not the other's.

#57, I'm a dip$h17 because you don't know what something is? Use your imagination.

#58, you may not understand it, but that's how the law works sometimes.

Just because that's how the law works it doesn't make it right or okay.

It's how marriage works. Say goodbye to "yours" and "mine". Hello "ours".

"sirrubberduckie" - non of that stuff justifies it. he was a jerk? then get on out, on what planet is taking someonss stuff fair..

#49 actually women are way more likely to take the house, the car, custody of the child, and loads of other things in divorces because the courts are just plain biased

Why are all the guys getting butt hurt ? i would put my whole life story on here about my parents divorce and how my dad did jack squat and how my mom did everything and bought everything but I will simply end this with... STOP BEING SO BUTTHURT!!!!

you may not understand it but cars are not free. in fact theyre not cheap either and this dude probably worked really hard for it. its ridiculous how one sided your thinking is.

I don't know which way to vote... Who caused the divorce?

Doesn't matter... just because they had a falling out doesn't give either one of them the right to steel the others stuff.

I don't think you understand the concept of shared assets or what stealing actually means. If there was only one car someone had to get it. If it's not paid off then she also got the debt that comes with the car. If kids are involved then whoever has custody should get the car as it's kinda hard to take multiple kids around town on one bicycle.

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It gets better OP you'll be back in your feet.

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Getting back behind the wheel would be even better.

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wont matter much if he gets dirty on the way to work, bicycling can get very dirty.

At least you'll be in good shape when you start dating again!