By rplovez - 05/09/2011 23:14 - Canada

Today, my boyfriend broke up with me by covering my car with post-it notes that read "it's you not me." FML
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anyone think that this is the most original way to dump someone ever imagined? sucks to be you but kudos to your ex for originality.

iAmScrubs 19

Drive around with the notes on. When someone honks at you, just point at the notes. When you get in an accident, point at the notes. When you decide to drive your car through a mall just for the fun of it, point at the notes. The notes are the solutions to all of your problems.


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I went there and couldn't collect my prize!

shit!! u beat to me first only in Canada that happens ;)

anyone think that this is the most original way to dump someone ever imagined? sucks to be you but kudos to your ex for originality.

I've seen this used for asking someone to prom or a formal, but never breaking up. Well played OP's ex...

Original sure, but ops ex is a straight up asshole.

enonymous 8

This sounds like a challenge. Fine... I'll get crop circles with the break up note going and while skydiving with her point it out..

XenaWP 6

Don't worry honey, I'm sure only half the neighborhood saw...

allisonbredow 0

22- I would want u to break up with me. That's sounds like a fun way to get dumped :)

Unless he undoes your parachute after pointing out the crop circle break up note >:D

theten_fml 9

Oh don't worry about that. He just wants to make you're you're not going to be crying on the floor screaming "WHY!?" at strangers. It's him, he has problems. Understand?

cudi504 4

He must really hate her that shit probably took a while

it be better if they made the sticky notes form the words its you not me

If there was just one that said, "No, it's you." I'm almost certain we would be reading a different FML.

sxe_beast 11

Nah. In Sex and the City Jack Berger broke up with Carrie Bradshaw with a post-it note saying "I'm sorry I can't. Don't hate me." Putting them on the car and using that phrase makes it even less original.

Oh yeah 74, I bet the boyfriend was just sitting around one day watching Sex in the City, and he saw that and thought, hmmm... I bet if I put post it notes all over my girlfriend's car to break up with her, it'll be really unoriginal. Yeah, that's probably how it DIDN'T HAPPEN. God, I feel like you're so retarded. And you quoted Sex in the City?!?! If you're a man, go hand your testicles into your mother, you don't deserve them. If you're a woman, go hit menopause early and drink your problems away.

sxe_beast 11

I'm just saying that the post-it note thing wasn't original. Its been done many times before. I am a man, but I have no clue what that has to do with anything. You're unnecessarily rude and you need severe psychiatric help. You seriously need to be committed. I don't know how pointing out that it wasn't original makes me retarded. Good job at being an overly angry close-minded douchebag.

I'm ashamed of you.


Lmao, honestly I just laughed :P he was a whiny and bratty momma's boy. He did it right after i told him that, which really only proved my point :P

gators1995 30

Lol well your bf is still an asshole for using that cliche

cali_dude 5

He had a lot of time on his hands.

I think it was actually her and not him... :D

whoisthisgirl 4

Haha I love post it notes! When me and my sister were younger we stuck them to my dad while he was sleeping with phrases like "I'm a loser." haha it was fun :)

And devotion, lots if devotion.

I can't even tell you how many there were! I should have counted them, it was halarious!! :p

Please take a picture of it! I guarantee it'll make you internet-famous.

yea but it'll make him Internet famous too :/

I should have ! I left them on my car for about a day just because I thought it was funny, then took them down. In case it happens again I will! :)

I must say you are taking the break up quite well

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After I laughed my ass off I would be sad.

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Sounds original, LOL. Sucks for you.

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Now you gotta remove all of them.. Double FYL and ur ex sucks -_-'

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Haven't heard of that one before.