By Seriously? - 22/07/2017 13:54

Today, my friend with benefits got my new car stuck in a mud hole. I had to call my ex to get us unstuck. FML
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Why would you "have" to call your ex?

Druu 53

"New car" is a euphemism. As is "mud hole."


Wow. You should have a serious talk with that mud hole.

Druu 53

"New car" is a euphemism. As is "mud hole."

"New car" must be a metaphor for new silicone penis.

Sorry that happened OP. But you do realize that there are services like commercial tow trucks that do that for hire, don't you? Personally I think it's pretty low to call on an ex for free help - Especially when "friend with bennefits" is sitting right next to you. Were you planning on repaying "ex" in some way for the help?

Why would you "have" to call your ex?

This porno has very strong plot lines....

There are so many ways I could use this as a metaphor for a 3 way. Anyone got any good ones? ?

We asked the ex to bring over his jack. After they get the car out of the mud hole, they can take the jack off.

I got some good ones right here for ya!

Then the ex and the FWB took turns popping her in the mud hole.

ArbiterOfFML 24

The new car was taken out of and then forcefully reinserted, with the help of the ex.

thehaystackerine 20

Sounds like the makings of a porno.

Sounds like an excuse to show your friends with benefits off to your ex, no way that your ex is the only one that can help you.