By Degueusement - 18/08/2014 04:48 - France - Puteaux

Today, to spice things up, my boyfriend suggested we wear disguises. Amused by the idea, I accepted. That's how I ended up having sex with Gandalf. FML
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Same thing different taste


Now you can be the lord of the rings ;)

tony1891 22

lord of the g strings would be more like it.

There's actually a spoof **** called "lord of the g-strings." It's quite hilarious.

23lf 16

Wait, she postet the same FML twice, with one difference in the first sentence? Or am I beeing trolled by the app?

She posted it twice but there's no difference

B1ackthesun 31

You're not alone, I'm glad I saw your comment I thought it was just me.

#9 "To spice things up" and "to spice up our love life" is the difference in the first sentence.

Tbh YDI, you could have refused to do it and asked him to pick a different disguise.

Did he take off his wizard hat and robe?

Durantye 8

I don't think anyone gets the reference lol :p I assume this is referencing the chat roulette troll from a few years ago.

Cocoapelli 23

Adventures of Blood Ninja!! Google this if you like laughing.

I desperately want to know who you were disguised as... so many possibilities.

Kyle1dc 17

We all know Gandalf had a thing for Frodo. This is just a female Frodo.

toxic_walrus 15

You could've said no so I don't really feel bad for you

You know, not all FMLs have to be horrible. OP chose to share this story with us because it's funny, not because she really thinks her life sucks. It doesn't mean that she wants you to feel sorry for her.

Agreed. It's not funny if we feel desperately sorry for the OP, anyways.

For some odd reason, I found this disturbing..

Getting banged by a man who looks like he's at least 100 years old... yes very odd you'd find that disturbing

I was trying not to judge until I got a bad mental image haha.