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Don't just chain your bike to random shit.

An FML. Welcome to the website.


Wait, did you have a caravan of your own? Or did you just mistake it for a bike rack?

Bet you still want that bike after all that it went through ;)

Having a good bike was too mainstream anyways...? :( Sorry OP, but in a way YDI.

I think he meant to chain it to his own caravan but instead chained it to someone else's. He said "someone else's caravan" and I think he would have otherwise said "someone's caravan".

Okay I didn't register the first part where op said "while on a biking holiday"

Ok someone help me. I'm from the city so the only caravans I know of are either made by Dodge or Cessna. Sooooo assuming I'm wrong in either case.....what's a caravan?

Bit like a mobile home or what I think would be a trailer in America. Just do a google image search of caravan and you'll see lots of examples.

The fuck did I just read

An FML. Welcome to the website.

"Today, while on a cycling holiday, in a somewhat hungover state, I accidentally chained my bike to the back of someone else's caravan. As I walked away, I heard a loud scraping noise. I turned around and watched my bike get dragged down a long gravel road and through a pile of horse shit. FML"

You can expect to receive your gift basket in 5 to 7 business day.

I'm still waiting for mine... I can't stop thinking of all the fruit!

21 killed it

I don't know which to choose... YDI for chaining it on the back of someone else's caravan while being somewhat hungover or your life sucks because it was dragged and has horse shit on it? Lol idk. I guess you didn't get your bike back either?

You can choose both

Get ready for the 'shitty situation' comments

Don't just chain your bike to random shit.

"Yo Dawg, I heard you chained your shit to my shit so I got in my shit and drove your shit through some shit." Up high! Anyone? No? Bye guys.

Why the fuck would you even go on a cycling holiday? Isn't that an oxymoron in its self?

A series of unfortunate events that all couldve been prevented if you hadent gotten hammered the night before. Therefore you deserve it

I'm not trying to be rude, but you have the name "b0ngs", I don't think you're all for sober situations.

hrmm yes well I make sure to act responsibly when I'm not sober

Why would you go biking hungover? That sounds miserable.

YDI! Shouldn't chain your shit to someone else's shit xD

Your bike must be a shitty ride now