By Milo - 02/06/2015 16:50 - Mexico - Mexico

Today, one of my tires blew out on the highway. I managed to slow down and pull over without dying, and went to get my spare tire. I found it right where it was supposed to be, knifed to hell and with a taunting note from my psycho ex taped to it. We broke up nearly 3 years ago. FML
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Report her to the police OP!

staychill 16

Make her pay for the damages that's unacceptable


Report her to the police OP!

friedpwnadge 25

She was kind enough to write you a confession. Haul her ass to jail!

police wouldn't do shit except tell you to take it to small claims court

Looks like op is in mex, police ain't doing Jack shit unless he can pay them

Pretty sure that's classified as tampering with a motor vehicle

Even if it isn't tampering with a motor vehicle, tires are expensive as f*** and therefore would not make it a small claims case

even at 200 a tire, that's still only 800 dollars, making it valid for small claims.

the fact that it's only one spare tire is meaningless in court, and you would actually spend more on court fees to settle the matter when you could just cut your losses and buy a new spare. OP has lost enough money by having to get a tow, they don't need to start a legal case over a fucking tire. *drops mic*

staychill 16

Make her pay for the damages that's unacceptable

On the bright side you've went 3 years without a flat tire. Decent odds anyway.

Or she recently did it for no reason

Sounds like it's time for you to invest in a restraining order OP :)

I would be calling 911

sonasonic 34

I doubt 911 would work in Mexico, lest you have IDD... not.

Yikes. Buy a new tire and send her the bill! Better yet, buy 4 new ones and make her pay!

is her ex, over 3 years, she's just going to ignore him.

Find her. Make her suffer.

Part of me feels really bad for you, but the other part of me thinks you're an idiot for not having even looked at your spare in almost 3 years. Maybe I'm weird, but keeping and ensuring a well-inflated spare and a jack with me at all times is a must.

I think he was implying that she did it recently. as is she's stalking him

I think OP's point was that even though he and his crazy ex broke up three years ago, they still aren't over it. They likely knifed it much more recently. There's a better than even chance that the ex is responsible for his tire blowing out on the highway as well.

Thanks for the input. I hope we get a follow up!

If they have been split for 3 years, and she hadn't done it back then, how would she have actually gotten to his spare tyre? It's not like she would have access to the keys. Op would have noticed a break in. That suggests it was done 3 years ago and Op needs to check their spare more often! Plus if it was that long ago the ex has probably gotten over it and regrets her actions.

The spare tire is often under the car

In the UK the spare is in the boot of the car. It seems weird to keep it underneath considering this sort of situation! Also, it is his own fault if he doesn't lock his car.

Mr_Mole 24

Why would you rotate the spare? Unless it's different from the UK, our tyres can only fit on one side, so can only be moved from front to back. The spare is the only tyre that can go either side, which gives it inferior grip and is only used short term.

UK tyres can be rotated to both sides.

You're assuming it's a full sized spare. A lot of cars, like mine don't.

#32 my spare tire is in the back of my car. many cars like suv models have it on the back

Most modern cars have doughnut spares to save space, so they don't rotate them in with the tires. You should, however, check your spare's pressure every so often.

who rotates spares? they are a different size.

I bet you grew tired of her tireless craziness

Everybody is going to tell you to make her pay for what she did. Don't worry bro, karma will get her back. Just do your thing and move on with your life.

OP Talk to her.. And tell her she needs therapy she's probably so lonely that she remanences the past and can't let go of it

How's about we don't talk to the psycho who destroyed the spare tire and probably sabotaged the first.

Ya, I don't think insulting a psycho ex is a good idea. It's been 3 years, op should probably continue on with his life ignoring her. You don't want to be dragged into more drama with a crazy ex when you can continue with your new life. Plus if op doesn't retaliate than there's a good chance she will move on and not continue to do stupid things.