By ABBenzin - United States
Today, I was breaking into a house when three police cruisers pulled up. They ran my social, my license plates, and asked me twenty minutes worth of questions, before allowing me to go back to work. I work as a locksmith; the homeowner had lost their keys. FML
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  HahaHokayThen  |  10

50- "for phrasing it that way"? First, OP made the FML sound 5x more interesting by starting it the way he did. & second, just because he phrased it that way doesn't mean it's not an FML & that you shouldn't feel remorse...

  THE_A_TEEN  |  27

Oh i'm sorry, here's an original comment: "Yes, we all thought it was funny, now make a funny comment, NOW!!!"

Does this appeal to your taste's, Mr. Critic?

  terrask  |  11

Don't worry, there's plenty to ask about someone when a police officer needs to clarify something.
You should be glad, happy even that you think 20min is a long time. Means you've never had a run0in with them, keep it that way (^_^)

By  Calyx_fml  |  21

Good. It's good to hear that the police are actually doing their jobs and attempting to prevent real crime, not bullshit "crime" like busting pot smokers. If you were actually a burglar they would have done the right thing.

  downtime  |  12

54, I think their point is that they're resolving an issue that affects people and isn't just something made illegal to save people from themselves. The police should be focusing more on the crimes perpetuated on them by others, not just arresting someone for doing something deemed stupid by the law but with little impact on the community - especially since arresting them doesn't resolve the situation in any way.