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  xiwantitallx  |  7

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  lonerftl  |  7

Yea my dog did the same thing, but it was shit he decided to roll around... good thing there was a river near by where my sister, brother and I dump him in it. Good times.

  Thabb  |  7

At least there wasn't one of those chain reaction vomit things. sister smells dog "Aw, gross!" sister barfs brother: "ew, is that barf?" brother barfs and so on

By  Lozza111  |  15

haha, it's funny coz you said that when you have a picture of a dog in a cage, in NZ most dogs are off lead, what's wrong with having dogs off lead, OP should have just been watching him

  nerdsgetmehot  |  9

I never understand why dogs freak people out (unless they've had a legit thing where a dog attacked them, of course.) But it seems like a lot of people who have never had a bad experience with a dog are seriously freaked out by them.

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