By LexiBoBexi - 12/07/2010 05:38 - United States

Today, my family and I went to the coast. Our dog was off the leash because we were the only people around. He was delighted to find a dead seal carcass and roll around in its remains. We then had a 3 hour drive home. FML
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ugh that suck I would have thrown the dog in the ocean to get the dead seal off.

did you tell your dog that he smelled of 'up dog'?


ugh that suck I would have thrown the dog in the ocean to get the dead seal off.

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did you just leave the poor seal there? :( I bet your dog totally killed that seal

No, they said the dog FOUND a seal carcass. Bit of a difference, y'know?

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It's a dog, what do you expect? YDI. P.S. Cats FTW.

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shoulda brought home sushi shit it was free

pfft, cats are cool but dogs are better, sorry, just saying, and before this starts an argument, it's just an opinion lol

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I agree with should have washed him off:D

:O... I live in Oregon! I have had that happen to my dog before, butt it was a beached whale!!!! The coast guard kept yelling at our dog....dawg!

lmao if you look closely into 31's glasses you can see his mom and her baby taking the picture. how hardcore :O

Lol, 37, you would be trying to look deeply in that little kid's eyes. Pedobear D;

Yea my dog did the same thing, but it was shit he decided to roll around... good thing there was a river near by where my sister, brother and I dump him in it. Good times.

Gar. Comment 45 (down there vv) is a reply to comment 2. Damn bug got me again.

Yeah same here. Wash the dog in the sea!! :P

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11-win cats are better deff. and you look like Frances Bean Cobain

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At least there wasn't one of those chain reaction vomit things. sister smells dog "Aw, gross!" sister barfs brother: "ew, is that barf?" brother barfs and so on

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your comment just made everyone on dumber. moron

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haha, throwing the dog in the ocean wouldn't work, our cousins dog rolled through a dead frog once, we couldn't get it off for ages

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4, oh dats gross lol ... how did they eventually get d smell to get off?

like two weeks with heaps of baths, I was like 7 at the time so I found it hilarious, we called it dog perfum haha

did you tell your dog that he smelled of 'up dog'?

I'm hoping that someone else knows that joke as well, otherwise I'm ganna sound really lame.

Is "What's up dog?" the response you were hoping for?

hahahaha I get it. What in the world is up dog?! "Bahaha nuffin, what's up with you?" hahahahahahahahaa

haha, it's funny coz you said that when you have a picture of a dog in a cage, in NZ most dogs are off lead, what's wrong with having dogs off lead, OP should have just been watching him

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poor seal but at least your dog enjoyed himself :p

why da **** would dogs do something like that?

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Your dog looks so sad. Is he in time out? Btw I've seen my cat smash his face on a dead lizzard so it must be an animal thing not just dogs.

I never understand why dogs freak people out (unless they've had a legit thing where a dog attacked them, of course.) But it seems like a lot of people who have never had a bad experience with a dog are seriously freaked out by them.

I'm not scared of dogs, never have been. :P

Lol. At least he will have a nice shiny coat after you finally get it all off. :-P