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Today, I picked up a prostitute. The prostitute was my sister, and I picked her up from jail. FML
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Try explaining that story over thanksgiving dinner

ninjuh_wingman 29


Try explaining that story over thanksgiving dinner

ThisIsMyReign 4

Haha, specially when occupation is brought up.

Petunia888 13

Eh, she could just say she was in sales.

enonymous 8

Don't worry sude She's like All State. She gives good driver and family discounts... You're in good hands with All State

One hell of a story! So the other day....

thebottomdog 0

Lol dude why would you want to screw your own sistet?

Did she give you a friends & family discount?

You obviously don't get it. He had to bail his sister out of jail who happens to be a Prostitute. I'm guessing OP didn't know his sister was a prostitute until he got that phone call to come and get her out. Suuuuper shitty! I could only imagine how my brothers would feel if I was a prostitute..

markrs 0

180- what word am I looking, DUHH. They're being sarcastic. Grow a brain in that weed farm on your head

op is her sister not brother so anyone using he should use she......see the fml first (carefully)

how can you let your sister prostitute? shame on you op

Very misleading FMLs lately. The first sentence was bad, by the time i got to the second one i was like urg gross then it was ok...

That's kind of the fun of it. The shock comes at the end. Do you like your jokes to start with the punch line?

Today, I picked up my sister. FML Is that what you wanted?

12, it's like joke jeopardy. To get to the other side. Why did the chicken cross the road?

To get to the other side! ...That's why the chicken crossed..the road. Yeah putting the punch line in the beginning doesn't work.

why are you people pickin on her? I thought this was a funny comment

Girl you must be smoking something mad hard to ask something stupid like that

161, I thought that said "HANNAH" and I was like AGH WHY ARE YOU SHOUTING MY NAME

Dumb chicks like you are the reason people think most girls are dumb. Go be a teen mom and become another statistic. Too harsh?

There were three sentences, "FML." Counts as a sentence.

Actually. It doesn't. Because it doesn't end in a period. So no. FML does not count as a sentence

ninjuh_wingman 29
CaptainPickles72 18

Yes, our little Caitlin is a prostitute. We're so proud of her, she is one of the best! Even all the other hookers say she can suck a handle-bar off a mustache. Kid's a champ!

I didn't read the last part about jail, and I was really worried. "Atleast the money is staying in the family?"

Ew that's so gross lol! How about a deal where if you bring a coke can you can get a buy one get one half off deal. Although I wouldn't want anything down there to be 'half off'.

68- Thats disgusting, even if you were joking.

Incest, something the whole family can enjoy ;)))

bizarre_ftw 21

When will the major fail of wincest finally curl up and die?

Wincest is not a fail ask Alfred and his girlfriend .

When will people stop saying "major fail"?

86-I thought it was funny. Dumb bitch.

Wow... I really don't know what to say. That horrible that it's your sister. I'm sorry OP.

66mustangrocks 4

I'm surprised I haven't had to pick up my sister from jail for that lol

CaptainPickles72 18

High class hooker, or shall I say 'escorts' usually don't get arrested much. Sadly, your sister isn't one! She is probably just too embarrassed to call you.

EvilTwerp 12

Maybe she could give you some tips on how to pick up guys, that is if you needed help.

She doesn't exactly "pick up" guys. She just offers them sex and makes them pay for it. It's not really a technique...

perdix 29

I hope she made it worth your while ;) I've never thought of combing the jails for fresh meat, but I guess it might be different from what I'm finding at truck stops and laundromats. Thanks for the "pro" tip :)

Petunia888 13

That's where all the guaranteed low prices are. Sometimes it's worthwhile to be a bargain shopper. :-D

TheDrifter 23

The truck stops are good, but walmart at 3am is the best spot. Just look for the one with dentures buying breate right strips and you're in for a ride.

Do you reckon OP gets the family discout for her sisters "services"?

Like goin to the family, immediate family is free!

Hopefully she has coworkers and one of them gave you a discount.

Last I said OP was female...nothing wrong with it but she might not like that kind of "service"

perdix 29

****** don't care if their Johns are actually Joanns, it's just work for them.

Now that you have your sister with you, help her try to get her life on track. It will be hard, but it will work on the long run. Good luck mate...

i would not be surpised if there is a female pimp out there

DontClickOnMe 28

I thought it was pimpette. Hmm, I guess not.

U think it's funny using a picture of a burnt victim as ur dp?

DontClickOnMe 28

He's not burnt... And I never said anything about it being funny. His name is Brian Peppers, by the way.

KiddNYC1O 20

He doesn't look burnt. He seems to be exposed to Mars atmosphere like the movie Total Recall.

Yes, there are....they're called a "Madame"

#105 This is the first time I have seen Brian Peppers referenced on any site. Sir, I salute you... P.S. Briiiiaaaaannn Peppppeeerrrrrssss!!!

DontClickOnMe 28

156- Brian Peppers is great! P.S.: It's ma'am, not sir ;P

That's the only logical reason to put ydi, but I doubt it.