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  kerrwoof  |  13

You obviously don't get it. He had to bail his sister out of jail who happens to be a
Prostitute. I'm guessing OP didn't know his sister was a prostitute until he got that phone call to come and get her out. Suuuuper shitty! I could only imagine how my brothers would feel if I was a prostitute..

By  babybebop2  |  4

Very misleading FMLs lately. The first sentence was bad, by the time i got to the second one i was like urg gross then it was ok...

  DrMime  |  10

Ew that's so gross lol!

How about a deal where if you bring a coke can you can get a buy one get one half off deal. Although I wouldn't want anything down there to be 'half off'.

By  perdix  |  29

I hope she made it worth your while ;)

I've never thought of combing the jails for fresh meat, but I guess it might be different from what I'm finding at truck stops and laundromats. Thanks for the "pro" tip :)