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By forgotten - 28/02/2013 00:42 - United States - Phoenix

Today, I saw my car being broken into on the street below my apartment. Too scared to stop them myself, I called the police. Before I could even tell them what was going on, they put me on hold. It was a good 5 minutes before I realized they'd hung up on me. FML
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Really? I'm at a loss for words on this one

This is really upsetting. You could have been in a life threatening situation. A life may have been lost due to the stupidity of people we are supposed to rely on


Really? I'm at a loss for words on this one

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You should complain OP I'm sure the chief will do something about it

1, sadly enough, this is common in San Diego. At my last job, we had to call for an ambulance every other month. I'd be on hold for a few minutes before getting thru to anyone. To OP, I'm sorry that you were hung up on. I'm surprised they didn't call you back. If someone calls 911, and hangs up, 911 calls back immediately to make sure that the individual is okay.

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You should have done something OP. stand up for yourself

I thought banks put you on hold, not the police. Guess I was wrong.

Normally the police only put you in a holding cell, but ever since they began outsourcing they just put people on hold now.

In CA if you call your local police dept. they can put someone on hold for a while. If you call 911, you would have almost immediate attention (that's if your life is danger, not an empty vehicle).

52 - So grand theft auto in progress isn't 911-worthy? Damn, those service cutbacks have gotten bad.

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Sucks for you.

Didn't know that, thanks!

Coming from the poser with a Photoshoped middle finger.

Thanks for clearing that up dude. I had thought that you post think on fml because they were good. Wow I feel so stupid now!

This is really upsetting. You could have been in a life threatening situation. A life may have been lost due to the stupidity of people we are supposed to rely on

In the operator's defense: I have heard a bunch of stupid calls to the police about mundane things that people can use 511 for but don't. Maybe they were flooded with idiots?

May I ask a possibly stupid question? What is 511? ~Looks can be deceiving~

Trix_Disorder 20

511 is what you call when you or someone else isn't in a life-threatening situation, but something bad is happening... So 911 lines can be kept open for true emergencies. I called it the other day when I saw a cyclist on a dark, busy highway (illegal in TX) at 2 AM. Strange thing is 911 told me to call 511, then 511 patched me back through to 911.

When my Nana had a stroke they put us on hold, smh

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Your police department didn't outsource their dispatchers to India, did they?

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"Sir, would you like to buy our long-distance premium package for only $10 while you are waiting?"

too much coming from a dead fox!!

Now that's just poor customer service

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Ain't nobody got time for that!

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That's some shitty police force. Also if you're scared, maybe learn some self defense? Seeing as the police wont help. You're lucky it was your car and not your apartment or yourself but still, better be safe than sorry.

I have to ask though... why didn't you try and stop them. Could have kept your distance and yelled at them, might have scared them off.

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Could've been shot. And it wouldn't look threatening if they'd chase OP and OP would run off screaming... Calling the police is probably the safest option.

I personally would sneak up behind the guy with my machete and hack his arm off. That or take pictures of the guy to give to the cops.

what is it? a car break in?? that's it? hmm give him the elevator music and drop the call. maybe he'll get pissed and sort it out himself

If the police put on smooth jazz more often, I am sure everyone would be more calm

I just realized my last comment sorta didn't make sense. lol So just forget I wrote that and pretend I said something about you getting a gun or using the bat signal.

"I don't know, I don't think I'm worth it..."

Your first comment actually made more sense then this one..