Bad day

By Anonymous - 12/11/2010 05:37 - United States

Today, I accidentally set off an alarm at the school I work for. No one was there, I didn't have the code or password the company needed, my boss wouldn't answer his phone, 3 policemen interrogated me and asked for ID but realized I left home without my wallet. There was nothing I could do. I cried. FML
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It IS okay to cry, poor thing, was under a lot of pressure and expectations.

You shouldn't of cried. I mean, when dealing with policemen, you just get on your knees, unzip their.. oh wait, this is immature. She cried because of stress. Stress can come out as any emotion, and it happens to all of us.


Happened to me once.

my brother worked for the school system and set the alarms off numerous times, simply ask the cops to take you home to grab it

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sooo many fmls about id's today

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of course it's a girl

That's gotta suck.

oh man thats intense!

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sounds like a fun day xD

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cry baby

Jep, your life was ******.

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whaaaaaa whaaaaaa!

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Yup. Your situation sucked OP but I really don't see why you cried. Fire alarm went off, you do not have the ability to shut it off, your boss didn't pick up and so first responders did and asked for ID, which it's ok not to have. If anything your boss should have been around to shut it off, they're the only one who may be at fault.

#12, please don't associate what one person did with all females. I certainly can't figure out why OP cried and I definitely would not have reacted the same way. #14, it may have been a security alarm. Fire alarms do not usually require a code. OP, YDI. You left home without your id and went lurking to your job for what exactly? If you did not have the code to disable the alarm, you probably weren't supposed to be there. Then to blubber about it like an idiot instead of handling the situation? I hope you got fined then fired.

...and then filed, and then fifed?

Imaginary, OP may be a teacher, and sometimes teachers like to get to school early to organize things. Some of my teachers get to school at 6am to start with some work etc.

LOL @ Doc I assumed OP was a teacher. I understand about getting to work early but if you are somewhere with an alarm and do not have the ability to disable it, you probably don't belong there. At the very least she should've had her identification.

Haha. You Cried... That is smart.