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Today, I was at my boyfriend's house, in the bathroom. I noticed a pregnancy test in the trash can. He lives alone. FML
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#50, if you're going to correct other people, at least use correct spelling. You're just making yourself look like a bigger ass THAN her.


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wow that is bad.. sorry op :/

Op you have a stupid ass boyfriend . or he has a sister that went over to do her pregnancy test. If he doesn't have a sister FYL, oh and if he's cheating on you FYL. sorry Op.

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I was thinking this as well. Even if its not a sister, it could be a close trusted friend who is a girl who needed a good friend. The point is don't jump to conclusions and just ask him about it. Hopefully he is honest and it is one of the latter mentioned. If not, sorry :/

OP you got drunk last night and took a pregnancy test. Obviously you don't remember...

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Or.... Surprise!!!! Your boyfriend is trans-gender and was still experimenting with men on the side. I guess that still means he was cheating on you though.

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I like your beauty more than ur grammar shwancy

And yet, she's right. Sounds like a TV drama kind of thing. She acuses boyfriend of cheating, it turns out he was trying to help a friend who was worried she might be pregnent, blah blah blah. If this FML contained that happening, i'm guessing it would be alot of "YDI"

#23, If you're going to be a Grammar Nazi, at least use capitalization. You're just making yourself look like a bigger ass then her.

#50, if you're going to correct other people, at least use correct spelling. You're just making yourself look like a bigger ass THAN her.

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why dont well all just shut the **** up? its an FML comment, not a ******* exam paper

Or a friend/relative used his bathroom to see if she was pregnant, and dropped the test in the trash upon getting the results.

it may of belonged to a platonic friend

I find it interesting that you know a big word like "platonic" but you don't know something basic like "may have." What is this world coming to?

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some men can use a pregnancy test to see if they have testicular cancer. or he was being an idiot.

I agree. He may himself be pregnant and he's trying to think of a way to tell you.

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I'm with her! kill now ask questions later..

tht sucks for u! and him if it was positive! lol

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if he's already been shady and you haven't been together long, I'd just walk away. On the other hand you can be an adult and ask him about it. What if it belonged to a sister that came over for suport? btw, was it positive or negitive?

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you mean "negative" sheesh why is everyone being illiterate.

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Why is everybody bitchin about other people spelling!

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Why can't anyone spell right? Gosh, what has the education system done to us!!

#30, Why aren't you capitalizing the first word in your sentence?

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Poor spelling makes you look like an uneducated, careless idiot.