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By  BlackBlazeCobra  |  16

Maybe he bought it and decided to test it for shits and giggles?

Also I heard its an effective way to test for testicular cancer. Although, I hope either of these 2 is the reason why. Good luck OP. hope he's not a cheater.

  OhDearBetrayal  |  25

Imagine the instructions.
For pregnancy testing purposes, urinate onto end of stick and wait.
For ball sack cancer, rub the end of stick roughly back and forth for a total of one minute and wait for results.

  kenyrabit  |  25

Maybe the pregnant girl is his ..sister/or another platonic relationship.. who took it at your place for support. It may explain why boyfriend would leave it in sight. Or, possibly it's a prank.

But, what the hell? You hope he's not a cheater, but the second possibility is a devout boyfriend with ball cancer????

By  meckis  |  11

well in ireland there was a case a few weeks back where a teenage boy took a pregnancy test as a joke and it turned out positive. he went to his mothr with it who went to he doctor and diagnosed the boy with desticular cancer. that type of cancer releases the same hormone that women do when we're pregnant and what makes the test positive. so tell him to have another test in your presence

  funky303  |  6

cancer does NOT release any hormones. cancer is just some cells who forget to die when tey're broken. hormones get released by endocrine glands/ductless glands. you should pay attention in biology classes st school.the only thing you get from testicular cancer is free weed in southpark

  niallo  |  23

It may not be a hormone, but cancers Do release antigens. These can be tested for. I don't know if this could cause a positive reaction, but you never know.

  poccocurantes  |  7

It is the testes not functioning that changes the hormone balance, but it still sounds like an urban myth. besides if they were that far gone you probably wouldn't need a test. As far as the boy getting testicular cancer. See this is what happens when you spank it too much.


I agree that it sounds like an urban myth, but strangely enough, it isn't. I found this if you're interested in reading it:

  niallo  |  23

As I was rereading the post, I had another thought. The testes ARE glands, and DO produce a hormone. It's called testosterone. Cancer cells on the testa are still gland cells, and will still produce a hormone. It just might just not be what it's supposed to be making.