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Today, I told my boyfriend I was pregnant. He went outside for a "breather" and never came back. FML
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Not much of a man there. And he would have been a shity father too!!!!!! Op You can do better I'm sure

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12- you are seriously ******* retarded. who ever said that was her ex?! And no hunny DON'T kill your precious baby! Congrats(: And if he's not man enough to take care of his baby then your probably better off with out him anyways. Remember; it takes a BOY to create a baby BUT a MAN to raise one. Be strong for your little one. My prayers are with you. And best of wishes(:


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maybe he was abducted by aliens

Oh wow that's terrible. But so hilarious!

rofl I could picture this when I saw it! :P OP: hunny I'm pregnant BF: uhhh, I need a breather... OP: HURRY BACK!! :D BF: suuree..

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ahaha 49. so true. I laughed when I read this.

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you couldn't see that one coming ?

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The pill is free, if you have no money. So why force a guy into a relationship with you. Even if he stays now, research shows 98% that do stay, and/or marry because of the baby trap will eventually hate you and leave you within the first 5 years (2 yrs. avg) for the entrapment that you knowingly used against him. He is sick now! Hate soon to follow!

rkcraig53 : You have a lot of nerve assuming that kind of crap about the OP. She didn't purposely get herself pregnant. A lot of guys refuse to wear condoms, AND if you're under a certain age, you have to have permission to get the pill, free or not.

He came in once and look what happened. Man learned his lesson.

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62 why does everyone forget adoption!!! seriously if you don't wanna see the kid closed adoption if you want the kid in your life but can't take care of him/her open adoption...geeze


ydi for having premarital sex

I can't believe you guys forgot the option of just leaving the baby on the steps of a church... so much easier than adoption

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*18 years later* Honey, that sure was a long breather you took.

pregnancy test: the magic wand that can make men go away

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The OP deserves it for trapping her BF with her legs and yelling, "BE MY BABY'S DADDY!!" before he could pull out.

That's so sad!! Fyl op. Hopefully you will find someone nicer to be a daddy to your baby(:

YDI for telling your boyfriend that you're pregnant. He went outside for a "breather" and never came back.

#91 - No one forced the guy to not take precautions like say a condom or getting his tubes nipped before having sex. There is nothing here to say the OP was trying to trick or trap him. Not projecting are we? Baby making takes two. Period. If either party does't want to get pregnant...BOTH should be taking precautions. Even the vaunted pill is only 99%. ~ Signed Married Mom of a Pill Baby. :)

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#126 ~ Projecting much. Nothing here says OP tried to trap him. It does say he ignored the time old truism "No glove. No love." Do the Math dumbass. It takes two to make a baby. OP's sorry excuse of a bf CHOSE to have sex and by default chose to run the risk of pregnancy as no precautions, short of surgery, other than abstinence are 100% effective.

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Track that ****** down! shawtgunweddingmaybe?

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135 I think 126 was referencing another fml

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Stupid women, stop letting dudes bust inside of you. YDI completely.

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thats it, im nixing this convo right now! The baby will grow in her body, not the guys. Women need to tell thier guys that if they cant use protection, they don't get none... period. Most young guys are known for being cowards and running. It is up to the female to MAKE SURE they dont get pregnant by either taking bc or making the guy use a condom, really. Take resposibility for yourself; no one else will and no one else HAS to.

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They wont refuse if you stick to your guns and keep ur legs closed.

Your boyfriend didn't happen to be Jake Sully, right?

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Oh yea, it's just as important for both people in a relationship to insure a bastard child is not created because they both will be equally affected. Only an fool believes this! First, WHO, has the best options to prevent pregnancy? The pill, 99%. used with foam spermicide, virtually 100%. Planned Parenthood will give virtually any girl that can walk in the door birth control for FREE! Who is the one who will get knocked up? Who has to carry the baby 9 months? Who gets cut so she doesn't tear? Who has to give birth? Who has to get an abortion? Who suffers the most, if your boyfriend feels baby trapped and leaves. He WILL eventually leave you. 90% + YOU, are the thief of his youth. You made him the father he was years away from wanting to be! You gave him the bastard child he doesn't want. You went from a nice piece to a living horror story! You are his Nightmare! Who suffers the most financially? For life? He will be able to tell that you WANTED this baby, when you will not abort, or put baby up for adoption, and ONLY want to have the baby, and him, to be it's father! Young Girls with Babies out of wedlock make up the majority of the lower income and poor! It's a major indicator! The guy can just leave! If he truly wants to, he can never pay a dime or suffer a minute for knocking up this temp love toy who tried to keep him with the baby trap. in the least, it's highly likely she didn't try to prevent this from happening. Most girls report that they use the baby trap when their "true love" begins to cool off and stray away, and feel there is NOTHING wrong with this, because he was having sex with her, told her he loved her, over and over again, and now her Lover doesn't want her so much anymore because he's had her and is ready to move on to greener pastures! These women think they only need a baby trap to bring their TRUE LOVE back! But it usually backfires, and SHE will suffer, possibly, the rest of her life. It's far more important for the female to make SURE they do not get pregnant until they know that the father has the will and ability to support her and the baby and be a husband and father. The peril is far greater for a single girl with a bastard child.

omg #49 that's exactly wat I was thinking :D but how devo would u feel if ur bf did that to u :(

193: I could start a major debate over some of your assumptions and opinions, but I'll refrain. I'll just say that not all Planned Parenthood and/or local health clinics just hand you the pill for free. They generally limit their services to the uninsured or underinsured. You're often charged for the bc and visits, including a yearly pap and any needed follow-up appts., but the fees are determined by a sliding scale based on your or your household's income. You also pay more for contraceptives other than the basic Ortho pill, like IUDs, patches, implants etc.

People can choose what they would like to do... It effects their whole life. What if rents disown her? I'd rather pay abortion, sorry But people should take into consideration all options:-)

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damn 193. lol 55. and did he take the car? :o

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That is pretty true, #82. Guys with this mindset are easy to spot by their mannerisms. Too bad we have to pay as taxpayers when she needs government support....

Wow, I can't believe some people are still so painfully misogynistic even a decade into the 21st century. Get a life.

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#104 Shut up, you sexist prick.

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abortion is wrong, in my opinion. if you think you are grown and mature enough to have sex then you better be ready for the things that come with it..which include pregnancy.

Your ok in my book just from this comment lol

Not much of a man there. And he would have been a shity father too!!!!!! Op You can do better I'm sure

dont blame the man its her fault for not taking the pill OP YDI

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So the guy who knocks her up and takes off like a bat outta hell and "He woulda been a bad DADDY" and you can do better! NOT SO MUCH! SURE! You Go Girl! NOT! I would think it may be a little hard to do better in the MAN HUNT with a baby in or out of the hanger. Those who do come calling on single, pregnant and poor, normally aren't the higher end of the available Daddy man pool! Then she ends up repeating the entire clusterbang again. Its unbelieveable! But true. New Dude, No birth control, no job, no car, no house, food stamps, gov. aid, oops, kid #2, on the way. Dang, he runs off! Then they need everybody else to support them, and the only thing they do well is BREED!

And also 3, he is probably just shocked or scared. Not all people take big news so coolly, it has nothing to do with how good a parent he would be.

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wow. maybe he just needs time to get himself together.

I think he's going to take ALL the time he needs. :]

haha I modded this one,I'm sorry for you this time you DID'NT deserve it.

guys how can i set my iPod so it shows me who have replied to my comments :/ i have no ideaaa! 

that's why you wait until he asks you why ur getting fat

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lol, true. Just be like "omg are you implying that I'm fat, I find that offensive, I guess I'll just get pregnant so I can't be called fat anymore." I'm retarded >.>

wait. if a fat woman is pregnant, can you tell...?

No-that's why you wait until you're in the delivery room to tell him lolz.

I thought you know a fat woman when you can't see her belly button anymore but for a pregnant woman, her belly button kind of sticks out?

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this isn't funny at all. it's actually really terrible I'm sorry op

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12- you are seriously ******* retarded. who ever said that was her ex?! And no hunny DON'T kill your precious baby! Congrats(: And if he's not man enough to take care of his baby then your probably better off with out him anyways. Remember; it takes a BOY to create a baby BUT a MAN to raise one. Be strong for your little one. My prayers are with you. And best of wishes(:

Hmm, another pro-life basher. I only said Ex because if he doesn't come back then he is hardly still her bf. Unless your one of those bunny boilers who think that they are still in a relationship even though the guy told them they were through months ago. Yes it takes a man to raise a child. So your saying the mother should keep the child just because they were silly enough not to use protection? So the mother has to give up any hopes/dreams or career she may have had or wanted to have just because she was knocked up? And again bring the child into the world as a single mother, without a male figure in it's life. I'm not saying that she can't do it. But in the long run the last thing this world needs is more little children born into a broken home (and thats broken as in only 1 parent). If I were that kid I would resent her for such a thing!

Indeed. If she brought me up in a broken home and without a strong male figure or put me up for adoption, all because of her moral high horse that abortion is murder I would have resented her for that. You can't miss what you never know.

I agree with 102, I'm happy living with my single mom. And the reason she's single is because my dad died 3 years ago, you don't know the situations about single mothers..

If a woman has to raise a child alone, that's the father's fault for not being a man and taking responsibility for what he created (excluding death or him not knowing...) Placing the blame on the woman for keeping the kid is just crazy...

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That is complete and utter bullshit. Unless you were brought up in a "broken home" without a father, don't talk. Not having a father activily in your life is not a reason to be dead. It's hardly catastrophic. Like you said, you don't miss what you never had =) My mom and never got along, but I was always grateful that she never aborted me. I wouldn't trade the gift of life for anything, and the fact that you think you would over something so trivial is a bit concerning. And yes, the mother DOES have to put her hopes and dreams on hold and take care of her child because she was silly enough not to use protection. Why wouldn't she? She knew what could happen if she had sex, and she ran that risk. It's her own fault, and if you don't pay for your mistakes, you're only going to keep making them over and over and over again without ever learning your lesson and becoming a better person. That's how life is.

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If the child's life is a mother's choice, where is the father's choice? Or do all these people believe in using the uterus as leverage to force a man to be responsible for a woman and her choice for two decades?

261, the father loses his right to choice the minute he runs away. If he isn't willing to stay, he doesn't have a say.

Wow that guy is a ******* pussy. He should grow a pair and man up on being a parent.