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Today, I found a pair of women's underwear in the laundry that wasn't mine. I confronted my boyfriend about it. They were his. FML
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I am sensing a tranny/gay theme here on FML these days.

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You're damned stupid if you believed that.

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i agree, who would ever believe this? oh right, an idiot who can't even figure out how to use tense correctly. you can't say wasn't his and then they were his. first you used singular and then you used plural..

there was a lady who said to me... "your underwear are showing" i think i was more disturbed about the "are" than the fact that my underwear was showing.

I was just going to say...that sentence is gramatically incorrect.

#1 hit the nail on the head.... I say call his bluff, tell him to put them on.

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@39 two separate sentences; two separate clauses, they were not hers, upon confronting him, she found out that they were his. dumb ass

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i agree. make him try it on. and if that doesn't work, try and find some evidence that proves it's not his.

That's what I originally thought xD But if it's true at least he isn't cheating on you

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ok.....either he's secrectly gay, or cheating on you....and im leaning to the "he's cheating on you" idea....

39 - THE PAIR (single) wasnt hers. THEY (plural) were his. its ok, grammar natzi

Wow that's actually a pretty common mistake there meeeeep. It's nice to see the ******** population is still alive and strong.

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Did you find some size 12 pumps too? Hey, get him to try the panties on and pose for some pictures. Then, post the pics here...****** drop that piece of shit!!!

LOL, LMFAO. Yeah, that's it.... they're, uh, um.... mine! P.T Barnum was so right.

@39... Does this kind of an FML (grammatically incorrect) give you multiple spontaneous orgasms? No one gives a D-Double Damn about grammar on this site.

...Actually, I'd say a lot of people care about grammar on this site, hence the rampant grammar corrections.

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Btw, @69- it's nazi, not natzi. good job.

YDI for not realizing that they're not his.

How long have you been wearing woman's underwear? Ever since my girlfriend found another woman's pair in the laundry.

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How else would he cover up his nasty cheating ass? How gullible of you.

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hahaha. you can't say THEY. they is plural last time i checked. the OP would need to say IT. #81... none of my paragraph had capitalization. i don't capitalize when i type because it takes longer. and i was just stating a fact, not trying to cause people to argue with me. it was just bothering me that the sentence sounded funny.

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Woahhh here come the grammar police!!!

OH MY GOD SOMEONE MESSED UP THEIR GRAMMAR. Get over it, dude. also, I wouldn't believe that if I were you :P

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wuht dhe fck? if yuh found a woman'sz underwear in dhe laundry why wuld yuh ask dhem if dhey were hisz? unlesz hesz a tranny , dhis ish stupid as fck smdh

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youre all stupid. she obviously didnt believe it. the FML is that her boyfriend is cheating on her and thinks shes dumb enough to believe it.

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either way you should probably get out of the relationship

#49,you sound you have like Phoenix Wright Fever.

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Most cross dressers are straight, 63


Obviously, because we all know transvestites don't exist and men would never wear women's clothing. It's not like a former head of the FBI was known to do this or anything.

Yeah man, I'm an astronaut and I even know that..

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ya never know. maybe he has a fetish for wearing girls underwear? anyway good luck with that

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your a re tard........ they were obviously someone elses and he lied to you so you would find out

Oh wow. I would say good save but then that would be lying.

Wow, the fact that you believe that shows that YDI