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Today, I got a call from Red Cross about the blood donation I gave last week. They informed me that I have Hepatitis C. FML
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This happened to my sister, hep C and all. Turns out it was a false alarm. I just made a FML account to tell you to get checked again by a private doc and don't freak out. She thought her life was over for about two weeks. Don't let that be you.


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Hepatitis C is treatable not like the others like A and B. Hepatitis C is a liver disease and you can pretty much get it from sex to binge drinking to sharing needles with other people. How do I know this you might ask? Because I had it and they treated it perfectly. So OP, your life isn't ******.

this isnt necessarily true. i know someone who had hep c. basically you go on a toned down chemo treatment that you have to inject yourself daily. at the end of it youre either negative or positive but it is possible to cure. you cant get it from binge drinking, and only rarely can you get it from sex, and even then, you cant get it from sexual fluids. hep C is blood to blood or vertical transmission...mother to child. you could get it from sex say, if you were de-virginizing a girl and you went down on her, or if you went down on a girl on her period, if she had it. stuff like that. or sharing needles. or you were one of the unlucky 6% and were born with it.

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I'm not going to argue with you home, but it's still considered an STD because you can get it from having sec with an infected person. Binge drinking leads to liver damage which leads to liver disease and Hepatitis C is thrown in there as a liver disease. I know the treatments because I went through them when I had Hepatitis C.

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Sex* FML I'm going to bed before I get bitched at by Doc.

FYL Op! my beloved father in loved died feim hepetitis three months ago :C

why are there 2 number ones and number twos

Drinking has nothing to do with hep C. Both can cause cirrhosis independently, but one does not cause the other.

Ahhh my gramps has Hepatitis C. Be prepared to slow down your life for the rest of it. Sucks if you're a college student :/

What they didn't tell him was that he got Hepatitis C from the needle that they forgot to sanitize.

looks like op is going to need a good friend to AID him for a while! sorry, couldnt help it

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Always gotta check yourself dude! Never know what girls be doing! especially if it's random sex!

OP is female; your comment still applies though.

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it actually doesn't. this happened to me and hepatitis c is very rarely transmitted through sex it's normally blood to blood contact.

it actually does. there are several fetishes in which blood is a normal. there are also several moves as seen on urban dictionary that involve blood.

Actually, you can get Hep C from unprotected sex. This list of causes is directly from the nih: •being born to a mother with hepatitis C •having sex with an infected person •being tattooed or pierced with unsterilized tools that were used on an infected person •getting an accidental needle stick with a needle that was used on an infected person •using an infected person’s razor or toothbrush •sharing drug needles with an infected person You're welcome.

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Dirty needle from a previous donation maybe?

75- How exactly was it started then? Just curious, only saw explanations with "infected person" so enlighten us please? Too lazy to look it up.

It's extremely hard to contract hep c from sex......

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Get tested by your doctor. Mistakes happen.

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yes that is true... the red cross told my husband that he had hep c after he donated, and he got tested by his doctor and was negative. We were each others firsts, he has no tattoos, and has never used any kind of drugs. So yea OP go to your doctor and get that checked out!

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me and my friend gave blood he has hep c from when he got a blood tras when he was a baby

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Damn! Those dirty (needles/boys/girls) can **** your life up!