By rawr_fml001 - 11/05/2012 23:50 - Canada - Brampton

Today, after my boyfriend broke up with me, the only thing positive about my day was a pregnancy test. FML
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You should force him to pay child support if you decide to keep the child. Of course you will have to prove it is his child. I'm sorry OP.

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Definitely not the only thing positive about your day. You got your FML approved!


You should force him to pay child support if you decide to keep the child. Of course you will have to prove it is his child. I'm sorry OP.

Much as I hate to agree, I agree. That guy's an asshole.

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It's not like he knew she was pregnant.

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IF you decide to keep it, oh you're one of those.

"oh you're one of those." Are you serious? We can't asume she is going to keep it or get an abortion. I'm giving her an adive on what she can do. Yes she got pregnant, but it's both their faults for getting it. At the same time she is the one who has to go through the time of being pregnant and then the time and money to raise it. It's only fair she ask for child support. Unless she doesn't want him in the child's life at all. Don't be a douche if you don't know anything.

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Who are you to give that kind of advice (get an abortion) I don't know anything? At least I know better than to take a humans life. You're not even worth me having an argument with.

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7- Don't even get me started on the abortion debate. Let me just say If you're a pro-lifer that's fine, I respect your opinion, but you better be a vegetarian too because eating meat is taking a life too.

LMFAO I never once said to get an abortion, learn to read. I said we can't asume she is going to keep it or get an abortion. Nice move there trying to look smart.

1 - why are you sorry? She pretty much put herself in this predicament when she decided to have sex. I'm sorry for her unborn child and him/her having a crappy father and a mother who thinks her life is over because she isn't emotionally ready to deal with the consequences of her actions...

Just go for abortion... Problem solved.

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48- You must be one of those people to think that sex is for making babies and babies only and not for pleasure alone. I would only agree with you of OP was a young teenager. Some people use protection but it fails. Or maybe they didn't use protection. There is a lack of specific details which aren't really needed to make the FML.

hatesfate, you sound like if you think there is no such things as accidents. Also, OP never said about her life being over. But you have to understand that taking care of a kid is freaking expensive by todays economic status.

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Wrap it before you tap it now ;)

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52- While sex is certainly pleasurable, no one should have sex unless they're willing to deal with the possibility of becoming a parent. Accidents do happen. (obviously)

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I personally think you should have sex when you know you can provide for a baby, in case it were to happen. Go ahead, have sex for pleasure, nothing wrong with that. But if you're broke, can barely provide for yourself, let alone a baby, keep your legs closed.

52 - actually no I dont think that. I do think it's rather idiotic to have sex when you're not ready to deal with the consequences.

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Yeah, Because my friend's stepdad got the surgery to 'neuter' him, but even that didn't work. And her mom was on birth control, but here we are with a six day old baby.

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Uhh.. That means the ole wife was getting the pole from somebody else doc.. That surgery WORKS

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48, look, op obviously has a lot to deal with right now, she doesn't need people to be mean to her about her decisions and their outcomes.. Best of luck to you and your child op

Yep - So she posted it on the internet for all to see to get sympathy on her personal life? pfft stiff bikkies to her. I agree with #48.

95-It's been proven visectomies don't always work and many people have gotten pregnant after its been done, hence why it's a reversible procedure!

Hold up, hold up. I think there is a lot more judging in this post than needs be. All they said was that their bf broke up with them and they found out they are pregnant. No where does it say she is a teenager who can't handle it or anything of that nature. It sucks for sure, but has anyone thought of the possibility that they are perfectly capable of having a child, their bf just broke up with them before she found out? Maybe she is very well off and can totally take care of a child all on her own. Stop judging and making assumptions of things you know nothing about. For all you know, they could turn out to be the best single parent you've ever seen. So slow your horses people.

Ever think he had a good reason to break up with her?

here's a thought, maybe they were previously trying to have a kid, then he decided to dump her. just saying, everyone assumes the worst of the op, but it's not like you take a pregnancy test for a few hours of late. he likely was at least slightly inclined to know she might be.

unless he broke up with her because of the child, we don't really know his motives.

some guys are know what the signs are. they aren't completely oblivious.

Sorry OP fyl, hope you have a better day tommorrow

I'm sure she'll still be pregnant tomorrow.

dammit wrong thread, it was meant for the one above it :/

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congratulations! you be a great momma to that baby!

From the sounds of it, that's not what she wants.

And you know she'll be a great mom because?.....

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Damn, I definitely did not see that coming, FYL.

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So sorry OP. I hope you guys can work it out.

You'll be a great mom. **** that douche nugget ex boyfriend of yours, make him pay child support

He may not have known she was pregnant at the time of the breakup. It's not very fair to him if they broke up for some other reason and she forces him to give her all of his money

59 - umm it doesn't matter why he dumped her, he's still the father and should be helping to support the kid. He may not have any problems with having to pay child support. In some ways it's just easier to have child support in place so that a legal agreement of how much he has to pay to help is already in place. There's less drama if they just set it up because then there's no fighting about the whole "well I want much this, but he wants to pay only this much and it's not enough". The court sets it up so that it's income based and they will take it directly out of his checks so that he doesn't have to even try to remember. He needs to do his part, and as unfair as it may sound, making him pay child support IS going to be the easiest route.

No, really, congratulations! You're going to have a baby. It is, actually, positive thing, I agree with your pregnancy test.

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So many commas, can't, get through, reading, without, pausing.

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@12: Protip: Having a baby isn't good for some people, (and considering she posted it on FML, she probably agrees on that point.) I for one would be horrified and distraught if I ever got knocked up... as I never want kids. You don't know how old the OP is, either. Just my 2 cents.

if u so badly don't want kids, and you'd be so devastated if you had kids... just don't have sex! it's the only 100% guarantee that you won't get pregnant. I never really got it, how do accidental/unwanted kids happen? there IS a foolproof way to prevent pregnancy... but hey, each to his own

Don't have sex, because you will get pregnant. And die. Don't have sex in the missionary position, don't have sex standing up, just don't do it, OK? Promise? OK, now everybody take some rubbers. Coach Carr

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there's no indication that op is upset or even put out that she is going to have a baby. for all we know she is over the moon about it, I think the FML is more to do with her boyfriend breaking up with her on the day she happened to find out she was pregnant, maybe it was good news about the baby, and then he ruined it. either way,whatever decision you make, best of luck.

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What would we do without Mean Girls?

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Mean girls :) best movie ever!

#85 - Well I just assume it from "the only positive thing was my pregnancy test" - meaning nothing else was positive really.

#25 - thanks for your remark, my English is yet to be practiced. Looking at my comma-ridden comment I wonder how could I put in that much. Probably I have just mirror-translated my thought from Russian, preserving all the commas from the original sentence. Sorry for that. Have to try and think in English more, avoiding the "thinking in Russian+translating" step.

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Definitely not the only thing positive about your day. You got your FML approved!

The only positive thing about an FML: getting it approved.

I'm amazed how fast they moderate the comments out of here if they don't like it.