By tiffany - 18/09/2012 18:24 - Canada

Today, after having lost 11 pounds following my pregnancy, I felt sexy and put on a cute outfit for my husband. When he walked into the bedroom, he ended up passing me three times, and then went to bed without a word. FML
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patacus 14

No, it's called surprise intercourse. Rape is what today's music does to my ears.


patacus 14

Too bad sex is a proven headache reliever.

Or maybe he just wasn't in the mood. (please dont bring up the stereotype that men only want sex)

If he had a headache, he would've at least said "get me an Advil". He didn't say a word.

44- If he did have a headache, he might have already taken some Advil before.

He could have whacked it beforehand. Don't judge.

Even if he wasn't in the mood, he could've commented atleast. It must be hard to get that confidence after having a baby pop out of you

LiterOfCola 16

OP just said it was a cute outfit. Her husband might not have even noticed a cute outfit as anything different than normal if she dresses "cutely" (lol) often.

Good point. I kinda took cute as meaning a sexy time outfit

Not wanting to fool around is perfectly ok, but that does not mean he cannot at least notice and compliment her on the effort

#44 he could have taken the advil before and if not, he can't get his own advil. He's a grown man, he doesn't need his wife getting it for him.

No, it's called surprise intercourse. Rape is what today's music does to my ears.

JustPassin 4

He's probably just tired from a long days of work!!

But still... not saying a word? Not even a "Ow, honey, you look so cute/sexy/lovely"? If my husband (considering I had one) would go to sleep without saying anything at all, sexy outfit or not, I would immediately think he's mad at me. It's normal to be not always a sex-loving beast in bed, but ignoring your partner... Gosh, I hope my relationship never reaches that cold point.

Osito2011 9

Why do women think all men are mind readers? I know it is chivalrous for men to complement women. Honestly that's only in old English stories. If you want a complement or something, give legitimate hints, and not the mind reading hints.

Pretty_Pink_Lady 10

You shouldn't need to be a mind reader to know that it will hurt your spouses feelings to go to bed without even acknowledging her presence. And as for hinting at compliments: we want sincere compliments, not ones we had to fish for.

Hey wait a minute, I pressed "no" on this one a few days ago! Just goes to show, if at first you don't succeed, try, try again.

Sounds like you've just recently had a baby...and you wonder why your husband isn't romantically charged? Hilarious, tell us another one!

Wow... He must've had a really rough day! R u ok?

1215116a 14

I think she's okay with not having sex for a day, she didn't injure herself.

gmc_blossom 21

I didn't have sex today. I feel sick.

Again, the need for a 'sarcasm font'. Sorry chaps, it's just my British sense of humour! Clearly a fail though, apologies.

gmc_blossom 21

Okay, 18. Here it is: "I'm an idiot." That is honestly what I read.

tidbits5197 28

16 - * Yeah *she's * fine Ahhhhh forget it, you're hopeless. xD

I actually could see why you asked if she's okay. It would be a slap to the face especially with how hormonal and emotional you already are from having a baby. I know if it were me it would probably make me feel unwanted. Men supposedly always think of or want sex, so when turned down or ignored by your spouse even with out the factors of having a baby it would make a girl feel pretty bad. Sorry OP, I would just talk to him about it. Remember he has a whole life outside of the house his mind probably wasn't focussed or something. He could even be trying to not bother you for sex thinking you are exhausted with the baby. Sometimes it's hard to read people. Especially us women. It's like a blonde trying to figure out a rubix cube. Next time take charge. Get dressed up and tell him what you want to do. As well as what you want him to do to you. If he isn't in the mood he will be.

^More likely he has been turned down the last five million times he has made a move and doesn't even bother to try now and didn't realise what she was attempting to do. If she'd whispered in his ear to come up in five minutes she had a surprise for him it might have had a different ending. Either that or she had baby spew/poo in her hair.

SenselessPattern 12

Hey #21 never fear, I use my telepathic skills and saw your sarcasm. I threw a thumbs up into the pile for ya.

well sorry, congrats on the weight loss though !

Thizzkidsgotgame 7

I hear marriage often tends to have this effect on the bedroom.

If you told 18 year old me there would be times a woman was ready and willing and I'd turn her down I would have said bullshit. Then I got old :(

It was probably because you looked so stunning ;)

Sorry, I read the FML wrong. I thought it had said that the husband passed out three times.

maybe he's just used to not being able to

agonydrum 7

That's not a real thing, he probably just didn't notice that she was trying to dress up for him

Osito2011 9

Op thought her husband was a mind reader!

I know plenty of guys who don't like skinny women.

99- I'm one of them. (While I don't Hate skinny women, a woman with curves, hips and wobbly bits is much more to my tastes.) :)

Ummm sounds like a dad that's tired because he is also taking care of his child. Try getting him in the morning when he's rested. Who doesn't enjoy morning sex?

That last sentence of those comments where timing is everything. For instance, you can say this on FML, but it would be awfully awkward at a funeral.