By mustachioed - 29/09/2012 05:06 - United States

Today, I tried to bleach my upper lip hair. I now have a bright red mustache. FML
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Next time try waxing

Hello, Yosemite Sam.


Next time try waxing

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& that was meant to be to #5 not to you. Sorry, too late to tell the exact same comments apart. I do apoligize

wooboo608 1

Even try waxing this time? It's not like 'oh damn now I have a red mustache forever ;('

8,10... It ok. Calm down.

That happened to me.... exept with waxing

One time that happened to me... lol jk I'm a guy.

i tried waxing once........made a candle...........lit the burnt down..........moral:don't use wax!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! lol xD

Hello, Yosemite Sam.

That was way to funny

Hey that's kind of sexy...not!

Right? Why do people bleach mustaches. That blonde mustache is no sexier than the dark one before it.

Exactly!! People don't have a problem with the colour of it!

xMiss_Maggot 7

wow seriously? use wax next time

I had a green mustache once :)

martin_martian7 11

Swag! yolo! what are you going to do now?!

Dude marylin manson is not real musique

just say its herpes (can you guess the reference?)

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That's really expensive.

Besides, she is not trying to remove laser off her lips. She is trying to remove hair.

outstandtacular 11

55 - huh...?

unknown_user5566 26

84- I think 55 was trying to be funny since the original comment didn't state "laser HAIR removal", but instead "laser removal".

KaelaKhaotic 5

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Your profile picture; try it.

And here come all the people who think that pulling a hair out somehow magically makes it grow back in darker and thicker...

Yup, the guy underneath has that covered for you, Doc.

wlddog 14

Is shaving really that hard to figure out?

how the hell do you pluck every hair on your upper lip? teach me master.