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How do you guys know she's fat and ugly? You DON'T know!! Having upper lip hair doesn't mean you're fat or ugly! Next time, remove the hair by thread or just bleach it...much easier than waxing it.


NEVER EVER SHAVE!!! Its ok of you're a man but I guessing OP is a woman. Shaving will cause your hair to grow back in darker and thicker!! Hot wax is really only to be used warm unless you are a professional. I don't recommend waxing your face though, here's why: your face has hair all over it, they are mostly small but it gives it that soft look. Take away all your lip hair and it looks polished, not soft, it looks waxed and almost as bad as having not waxed at all. I recommend tweezing the d

Just tell everyone that you're addicted to Dirty Sanchez. guaranteed to make you the most popular girl at school.


she's saying that her upper lip turned dark brown, so her mustache is even more noticeable than it was before she tried to wax it. i think you're confused. and stupid.


Radiation? I don't recall the OP mentioning anything about falling into a vat of toxic waste while she was waxing her lip.


I don't think her mustache hair will be an issue.... everyone will notice the burns from trying to remove it first.

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