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Today, I attempted to bleach my body hair so I wouldn't have to shave. A little while later, I realized that I'd also succeeded in bleaching my skin, which was incredibly noticeable. I'm hosting a pool party this weekend. FML
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you didn't even think of your skin?!!

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Haha hope you don't have bf or should I say did have bf. haha jk that sucks!

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14 your username totally redeems your comment, just don't say anything else. Any time you "attempt" to do something you're definitely going to deserve the outcome.

14, you are hurting me. Just your comment and the picture and the only explanation that can simply surface after having put these clues together... You scare me, man. You really do.

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That's an awkward situation to explain...

ummm you guys mind NOT replying to the first comment with something that has NOTHING to do with that comment ? juuust cuz you want it to be seen.. yeah kthanks

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soo 56, why don't you tell me how your comment has to do with comment 1s comment??

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she's replying to the comment that replied to the first comment stupid

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I wonder has anyone complimented you on your stockings?

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I am so sick of stupid, unfunny first comments. it's ridiculous. out of all of the words in the English language, all you could think of was "LOL!"? Come on.

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she didnt really say that it was a word

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I hate when people say one word text slang just so they can get first comment. I always say a comical or meaningful response so I never get first comment. Whoever does that is a loser with no life.

They are the people that sit on FML all day and night just anticipating for a new one to come out so they can be the first to comment, however shitty the comment may be, they still feel proud.

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ya they probably sit there with their eyes wide open refreshing the page over and over. no lifes indeed.

everyone - stop letting dumb things bother you so much.

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92, your comment kind of annoyed me. how could you possibly know if that's what someone would ever do? how do you not know that they're on their lunch break, on the FML app reading an FML when the first thing that pops into their head is "LOL!" sure, it's vague, but hey. why complain?

yes cuz ur username is sooooo much better

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Better than being completely orange, minus some circles around your eyes.

158- I've gotten many first comments on iPods. or close to first. sure they weren't the funniest thing ever but it wasn't lol. hahaha (:

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79, did I say it was? Nope, don't believe I did.

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#56 you just did you hypocrite.

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change it into an Amish party.

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haha, to be honest, I check this thing out alott just cause I like to read the fml's but I normally don't comment /: I feel like a loser now! haha

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That's what happens when you take the easy way out..

um OP we don't have a problem with the COLOR of your moustache...

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Does anyone stop to think before they submit their comments, or does no one care that they sound ridiculous getting worked up over 3 simple letters? Seriously, I'm just as tired of seeing you all bitch and moan. I get on this for the smart ass comments, not the cry babies.

Complaint about complainers? COMPLAINCEPTION.

Russell peters! I love that guy xD

ACTUALLY I logged on FML on my iPhone and all these were new, and I literally lol'd at this FML so I commented LOL. are you all seriously freaking out about this? get over it, you weren't first. assholes.

Then shave it off if you care that much...

For that upcoming wedding. Your mom would appreciate it!

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Just shave it off, for christ's sake! Or, if you are trying to avoid shaving at all costs, wax, Nair, laser hair removal, that rough pad you use to 'buff away the hair'-all great substitutes! No need to resort in at-home bleaching.

Bc shaving takes so long... that's what you get. dumb + lazy = stupid things happen that people make fun of you for

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123 - MJ didn't bleach his skin.

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205- yes he did. He had a disease that turned his skin lighter in spots, ( hence the one hand glove) so he got his skin chemically bleached.

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I didn't mean to put that here. it was supposed to be up there somewhere. sorry. :/

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204-- yes he did. he ha a disease that caused his skin to change colors in spots, (hence the one hand glove) so he got all of his skin bleached.

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shaving doesn't take that long, bleaching is just about the same

Some full body swimsuits ARE sexy :) Just have to get one that looks hot.

Just tell everyone it's National Michael Jackson day!

Morphsuits FTW!! If you don't know what that is check out

op sounds realllly lazy. I mean come on? it would take less effort to shave then bleach.

I love those one piece suits! so sexxy. go tanning

I'm still thinking dissolvable bikinis.....

Wouldn't bleaching it take more effort than just shaving it though...? I don't really see the logic...

as soon as i read that, i just heard it in cleveland's voice xD

#23 is right. Unless OP was so lazy she just poured bleach over herself, it's much less effort to just shave.

not every day/week/however long women wait before shaving.

Bleh, have the decentsy to shave... if you bleach it your just gunna be a hairy peroxide blond beast :x

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...bleach the rest of your skin so it blends?

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I was just thinking that, haha!

Thats what mj did lol. I feel bad for OP cuz its permanent.

Hair bleach often lightens skin....... for like 20 minutes. It goes away.

??????? it'll go away with some sun hahahaha

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What kind of bleach were you using?!

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It doesn't take much to bleach away spray tan.

a double post. one with thumbs up, the other thumbs down. lol much?

did you guys mean to comment in both or did it just do that?

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That sucks cause I'm guessing your really tanned

u deserve it because u should not have been too lazy to shave!!! it does not take THAT much energy. seriously!!!!!!!!!!!

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op next time just take the time and either shave or use the hair removal stuff like nair it's slot quicker and smarter than bleaching your skin smh

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I agree. I would much rather shave. bleaching will take out the color but you'll still be hairy.