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By Ow ow owwww - 15/08/2023 07:00 - United States

Today, I have what is probably a cold sore on my upper lip. I also have a mustache, which keeps rubbing against it. Because of this, no matter what I do, it stings. The next few days are fixing to be very, very long and miserable. FML
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Shave? Cold sore creams or lip balms? Both?

If OP shaves, the cold sore will stand out like a traffic light on his upper lip. Lip balm doesn't cure the cold sore and can even make it worse. Cold sore creams like Abreva is the way to go.

cold sores are one strain of herpes. Dr's are finding the genetal herpes strain in more and more cold sores. so, maybe OP is eating out more than just Taco Belle. Good on him.