By lilsis - 31/01/2010 05:38 - Australia

Today, my sister asked me if any of my family members had commented on my recent weight gain. I told her no not really. Her reply? "They must just being saying it behind your back then." FML
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youhr sister is a bitchh!!! :[

I spose you went straight to the fridge?


they do it because they love you.

they just want to see you get healthier... im sure they wouldnt have bad mouthed you..

Or, more realistically, they just like to gossip. If they want her to be healthier they wouldn't be talking about it behind the OP's back.

I don't get it does it mean that there calling you fat also?

OP, prepare for the intervention, you're about to get.. You'd get an intervention if you lost heaps of weight.. I don't know why there is such a difference between the two.. I guess diabetes and heart problems kill you slower than starvation..

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it isn't that bad.

if they sed it to u face to face it wud b worse

hahaha ur friend is funny

But It was her sister dummy

I spose you went straight to the fridge?

hahah I agree with # 6 all the way

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wake me up when the FML part comes in

Your freaking huge back.

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Tell her "Kiss my giggly ass beyotch"

why is her ass laughing?

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win #21 :P