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By nobleach - 02/07/2009 14:05 - United States

Today, I was going to bleach my bikini line, as I have not been able to shave there due to some ingrown hairs, and I also have to lifeguard every day. As it turns out, I'm allergic to the bleach. There is now an angry red, burning rash on my crotch that you can see around my swimsuit. FML
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wear shorts with your bathing suit... besides you supposed to test a small area of skin to see if you're allergic beforehand!


sucks to be you!

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I'm going to reply to the first post to get my comment on the top, even though my comment has nothing to do with the first comment!

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Hahaa. I'm surprised your comment isn't buried yet. You're such a rebel xD Anyways; OP, that sucks. I'm allergic to everything, too. but I would never use bleach for my bikini area. that's just a really painful experience waiting to happen. why not just wax? :3

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Because waxing also causes ingrown hairs. OP, YDI. If you had followed the instructions, you would have done a test patch and this could have been avoided.

OMG! I'm not a fan of Obama either, but seriously-STOP WRITING THIS ON EVERY FML!!!!!!!

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Don't worry some guys are into that sort of thing

I would be surprised if she used chlorine bleach (the kind you buy for your laundry). We use a 1:10 solution to rinse mildew off our house and if we aren't careful we end up with chemical burns on our hands. I've even seen people's skin turn green from exposure to full strength bleach.

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Looks like you just got a promotion to chief lifeguard. I'll be at the pool "drowning" tomarrow. Oh and YDI for bleaching ur pubes... they look hotter ginger;)

lol that must be really embarrassing it must suck

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why doea everyone assume chlorine bleachh? correct me if im wrong but isnt hydrogen peroxide used to bleach hair?

Hold a warm damp flannel over the ingrown hairs and tweeze them out.

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I can only imagine how uncomfortable that is! I am allergic to almost everything, but thankfully have yet to experience allergic reactions in that area. Maybe cool off in the pool for a bit?

Not to sound like an ass, but most pools (public and private) use chlorine or salt systems to sanitize the water. If she is allergic to chlorine, "cooling" off in a pool will probably not help the situation. I, for one, am surprised the OP didn't realize she's allergic to chlorine. Working as a life guard I doubt she hasn't been in the water. Sucks definitely but I'd advise against going into the pool to cool off. Until then can't you wear shorts to cover up your bikini line?

bleach and chlorine are different.

Actually bleach, as in the chemical actually known as "bleach', is chlorine based usually. But you aren't supposed to use THAT to bleach hair. I mean, it works, sure, but so does hydrogen peroxide.

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Actually bleach contains chlorine so it's not really that different. Most household bleaches are solutions of 3-6% sodium hypochlorite. It seems weird that the OP can be allergic to bleach but not be irritated by the chlorine in a pool.

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actually bleach has nothing to do with chlorine...not with my experiences. i swim in chlorinated pools and i have used bleach before in a test patch and i had an allergic reaction so i dont think they are connected.

Common household 'bleach' is Sodium Hypochlorite, or NaOCl. Pools use this. So do water treatment facilities. It is highly unlikely anyone is allergic to chlorine. Anyways, a bleach is, by definition, any substance that will remove colors or whiten. Typically a bleaching agent will oxidize (pull electrons from) whatever it is applied to to get the desired effect. The chemical to bleach hair is Hydrogen Peroxide, H2O2, and has no correlation whatsoever to household bleach. Now you know....

Plus, there is a huge difference between something being an irritant and an antigen.

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Thanks for the chem lesson tips... unfrotunately i know a LOT of people who are allergic to chlorine and therefor avoid chlorinated pools and many cleaning agents, you kind of lost me right when you said "It is highly unlikely anyone is allergic to chlorine" you may be good at chem but be careful when making assumptions like that.. that's all :)

#75, why is it highly unlikely that people are allergic to chlorine? My best friend is allergic to chlorine...

I highly doubt you know anyone who has an ALLERGY to chlorine; one that involves the immune system. More then likely they have a very low TOLERANCE. A chlorine allergy is, in fact, very rare. There are plenty of chemicals that go into a pool to keep it clean, and even more are produced during chemical reactions (Namely chloramines) which can irritate the skin, but not trigger antibodies to be produced.

Have they been to an allergist? Or is this self diagnosed? And yes, I said unlikely, not impossible....

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it's from an actual allergy test, yes. and if you read my post properly you would have seen that i said not just pools but cleaning supplies with chlorine in them aswell. I am very aware of the difference between an intollerance and an allergic reaction and with the backup of an allergist and SEVERAL allergy tests i state again, i know A LOT of people ALLERGIC to chlorine. not an intollerance, allergic

This is like my chemistry class...

Damn, I wasn't the first one to think of this...

Are u life gaurd at the pool or beach A n btw fyl

ahh that sucks!

wow that sucks, you better hope no one mistakes it for something worse than a rash...

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wear shorts with your bathing suit... besides you supposed to test a small area of skin to see if you're allergic beforehand!

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i was thinking the same thing. they also have the skorts too which aren't too bad looking.

Actually, it would probably be less irritating to wear a real skirt. No point trying to find skorts and put up with the discomfort when the shorts vs skirt thing isn't really her issue.

u can't wear a skirt while lifeguarding. u need to be able to run.

that suuuuuucks

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Get swim shorts?