By holy sleet - 29/11/2013 21:49 - United States - Rochester

Today, while ice-skating with my girlfriend, I tried to do what they do in the movies and make her gently fall into my arms. Instead she slipped, fell, and hit her head on the ice. FML
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Yeah....attempted risky move on unsuspecting loved one with no prior practice before hand. Brilliant. :p

On the bright side. At least they got ice on the injury right away.


Yeah....attempted risky move on unsuspecting loved one with no prior practice before hand. Brilliant. :p

On the bright side. At least they got ice on the injury right away.

You idiot; Only actors and actresses do that. Wait... I've just realized that you're the guy who starred in that movie I saw. Good job in that ice-skating scene. But stick to the movies.

A couple of days later, here on FML: "Today, I left the hospital after two days. Why was I in there? My boyfriend and I were ice skating, when all of a sudden that son of a bitch tripped me and gave me a concussion. He said he wanted to be 'romantic like in the movies'. FML"

Yes. I can TOTALLY see that happening (not sarcasm, by the way)

Oh no! You expected a stunt like that could go as perfectly as it does in movies. Yes, maybe prior practice would have been good. OP, you obviously were trying to just be romantic, so hopefully she isn't too upset :)

Well, at least she still fell for you. Kind of what you wanted :/

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#22 It's not the actors or Actors that do the fall, it's the stunt doubles. Movie Magic :)

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If she was dead, OP wouldn't have said girlfriend. He would have said dead girlfriend if she wasn't alive

And would probably have mentioned it in the FML details. Not exactly something you leave out.

No, she died on the spot. It never made the FML. As you can see it's not nearly as bad as failing a movie reenactment...

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Totally my fault, people. For a second there I thought I could make an obvious joke without it being taken seriously. I must have been high.

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There are a lot of people on FML who are serious when asking stupid questions like yours. It's hard to weed out the jokers from the stupid ones

I knew you were joking, but I decided to just be facetious!

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Oh my god. I'm first. I'd like to thank my parents, friends, my dog Bella, and the great timing of me refreshing the fml page. Edit; well shit..

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Ouch! That's one movie gone wrong lol

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No. The straight up, old fashioned, 'smile' is "still better". Way better.

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And that's a prime example of why the phrase "Do not try this at home" applies to anything you see on TV..

I don't think I've seen any movies where they 'make' the other person fall into them. Sometimes they catch them when they HAPPEN to fall...

Bonk. I hope she's okay though; hitting your head on ice is really nasty... Better put some ice on that bruise! :P

Leave her on the ice it'll save everyone some time

Maybe leave that to the proffessionals next time. Hope she is ok.

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Important thing to remember: Life isn't a movie. Don't do things you see in them.

I know it's horrible but I'm actually laughing so hard right now

Yes, because we all laugh our asses off when someone gets a possible concussion.

As someone who's had this happen to them before - guys, please don't. No matter how cute or romantic you think it'll be, before you try that awesome move you saw in a movie, just ask yourself what's the worst that could happen? Then ask yourself how strong and coordinated you are. Then ask yourself how coordinated your girlfriend is. Once you've done all that, then - and only then - may you proceed, at your own risk, with the utmost care and caution.

I agree! I was ice skating with my boyfriend yesterday and slipped, he attempted to catch me fell on top of me and now I have massive bruise from his ice skate. If you have no sense of balance don't try and be chivalrous!