By Noname - 12/02/2009 06:00 - United States

Today, I went to a movie with my boyfriend. In the lobby, I asked why the glasses were not working. I said, "Do they only work inside the theater?" My boyfriend replied, "3-D glasses just work inside the movie, everything else in the World is pretty much 3-D." FML
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............ is this a joke

This is more than a moment. What did you THINK the glasses would do?


............ is this a joke

No. It's American... LOL now this should start a America vs World war.

hahaha even though them yanks are pretty stupid, you gotta love them!

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OP, no offense, but I really want to bitchslap you.

I hope you don't breed.

actually idiots some Americans are very smart! I'm a straight A+ honor student and never once said something this idiotic.

Grades are in no way a reflection of intelligence, just dedication

Actually, consistent grades are a much better indication of intelligence than something as arbitrary as IQ.

Also even if you have straight A's in the US that doesn't say much, because your education system is shit... I'm average in Germany and had an average of 112% in my classes in the US on my exchange year.

From the boyfriends perspective: Today, I'm dating an idiot. FML

Maybe she was looking at the TV's in the lobby.

234 try Britain then because there's is even easier

hahaha. i think we've all had moments like this.

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I know I've had MANY of these moments.

are u that idiotic?

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then you guys are ******* idiots..

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damn you're moron

Really? I've never been that stupid.

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It something called a brain art where you just so t really think before you speak op probably realized how dumb she was right after she said it

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#224: We can see that you lack a brain.

Lol I'm willing to be 100 bucks you have blonde hair..... It's ok everyone has their moments.

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are people still seriously on the blonde hair stuff? the blondes i know are way smarter than many other people that i know...

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You're dumber than the OP if you think hair color has anything to do with intellect.

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134, stop masturbating your ego.

134, it's kind hard to have a 5.0 gpa when it's on a 4 point scale. Maybe your middle school hasn't taught you that yet?

#152, you're stupid, ever hear of a weighted class? The grade can be worth more than a 4.0. Maybe they haven't tought you this in your 4th grade class yet...

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dam u guys can't take a joke can you.

Do you guys hear that whooshing noise? Thats this joke going right over your heads.

Don't grades go up to 4.0? Fail.

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Jeez 134 I'm blonde and I'm not dumb but you don't hear me saying 'I'm so smart blah blah. I have this and that...' OP as soon as I saw this I thought 'Blonde Moment!' :D

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So true 218. Im blonde and well... this is worse than a blonde moment.

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140, that was deep yo

Noo... Taking Honors or AP classes make the scale out of 5 points, not 4. Maybe you haven't gone through highschool

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He's blowing all day,then everything can be 3-D!!!!

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HAHAH yesss

This is more than a moment. What did you THINK the glasses would do?

Okay, I'm a ditz and even I wouldn't say something like that

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Well I'd assume you'd be a ditz if your username is Horny_Christian.

wooowww. how dumb can you be hahahaha roflllllll

Why would you expect them to work in the lobby anyway?

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dumb girl. is she hot atleast?