By shininghayley - 15/02/2010 06:14 - United States

Today, my boyfriend decided to take me out bowling. My mom was going to take us. My parents ended up bowling with us. I had a double date with my parents. FML
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martic835 2

That sounds cute. Goodness, get over yourself.

who cares. not a big deal.


kionnalexus 0

Boo fuckin' hoo. Shit, shut up. Really.

shadow33456 1

I'm thinking a four-some

let the manager get some action too!

they should be able to do that considering the fact that they drove you to the bowling alley!!!!!!

how is that even an fml? I hate people like you who hat away with those when some other people say are an fml but they don't get to go through

thinmint 0

you can't say my boyfriend decided to take me out bowling if your mom is taking you.

i dont real think this is an fml. when u date someone u end up having to spend time with their family or yous sooner or later haha

xoconnie 8

STFU AND GET OVER IT. a lot of people have many more serious problems than "i went bowling with my parents" i mean seriously its really not that bad! soooo.... SHUTUPPPP and do us ALL a favor!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Problems are relative to the person receiving them.

aDerangedStateOf 0

Get a Damn Job Hippie!! Buy Yourself a Car. Take the Bus. Call a Cab. Hippies these days.......

settle down everyone... I think she wanted to spend some time bowling with her boyfriend (not her parents). how would you feel if your parents basically crashed your date?!

Reyo 2

Go somewhere else? "Oh, we changed our minds. We're going across the street to *whatever* to hang out. Turns out we didn't really like bowling as much as we thought we did, but you guys stay here and have fun."

dude this is my girlfriend I think cause we just went bowling with her parents. I fucked your mom afterwards by the way. she needs to teach you some moves

YDI for thinking bowling is a real date

me and my bf do stuff with my dad and his gf....but my dads chill

by do stuff I mean bowling, movies, smoke weed ect.

myman47 0

yeah wait that's not an fml at all

crackiebob 0


lickmyjock 0

Damn, ok, now THAT'S pretty pathetic... lol...

when you put your fingers in the ball, did you pretend it was your girls 2 orfices down below while they watched ? and did you say this will make great finger practice for tonight with her.

lickmyjock 0

OP is woman, and was probably thinking about her bf's dad...

So much for ladiesman...

This is SO weak. Not an FML at all...

so true . wtf ubless your parents were having the sex talk with you why the fuck is it an fml . YDI for not asking your mom nicely to go away . unless shes a bitch.. then your ok :)

that's not an FML at all, just a minor inconvenience, unless you hate your parents, that is.

who cares. not a big deal.

And that's an FML how? Maybe the concept of FUCK my *LIFE* isn't clear to everyone.

Quest_ 13

I think the OP just likes feigning disgust at the double date with her parents.

martic835 2

That sounds cute. Goodness, get over yourself.

Hanban 0

Maybe she's thinking about saying dirty stuff to her boyfriend? Aww.