By shininghayley - 15/02/2010 06:14 - United States

Today, my boyfriend decided to take me out bowling. My mom was going to take us. My parents ended up bowling with us. I had a double date with my parents. FML
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martic835 2

That sounds cute. Goodness, get over yourself.


kionnalexus 0

Boo ******' hoo. Shit, shut up. Really.

shadow33456 1

they should be able to do that considering the fact that they drove you to the bowling alley!!!!!!

how is that even an fml? I hate people like you who hat away with those when some other people say are an fml but they don't get to go through

thinmint 0

you can't say my boyfriend decided to take me out bowling if your mom is taking you.

i dont real think this is an fml. when u date someone u end up having to spend time with their family or yous sooner or later haha

xoconnie 8

STFU AND GET OVER IT. a lot of people have many more serious problems than "i went bowling with my parents" i mean seriously its really not that bad! soooo.... SHUTUPPPP and do us ALL a favor!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Problems are relative to the person receiving them.

aDerangedStateOf 0

Get a Damn Job Hippie!! Buy Yourself a Car. Take the Bus. Call a Cab. Hippies these days.......

settle down everyone... I think she wanted to spend some time bowling with her boyfriend (not her parents). how would you feel if your parents basically crashed your date?!

Reyo 2

Go somewhere else? "Oh, we changed our minds. We're going across the street to *whatever* to hang out. Turns out we didn't really like bowling as much as we thought we did, but you guys stay here and have fun."

dude this is my girlfriend I think cause we just went bowling with her parents. I ****** your mom afterwards by the way. she needs to teach you some moves

YDI for thinking bowling is a real date

me and my bf do stuff with my dad and his gf....but my dads chill

by do stuff I mean bowling, movies, smoke weed ect.

lickmyjock 0

Damn, ok, now THAT'S pretty pathetic... lol...

when you put your fingers in the ball, did you pretend it was your girls 2 orfices down below while they watched ? and did you say this will make great finger practice for tonight with her.

lickmyjock 0

OP is woman, and was probably thinking about her bf's dad...

so true . wtf ubless your parents were having the sex talk with you why the **** is it an fml . YDI for not asking your mom nicely to go away . unless shes a bitch.. then your ok :)

that's not an FML at all, just a minor inconvenience, unless you hate your parents, that is.

And that's an FML how? Maybe the concept of **** my *LIFE* isn't clear to everyone.

Quest_ 13

I think the OP just likes feigning disgust at the double date with her parents.

martic835 2

That sounds cute. Goodness, get over yourself.

Hanban 0

Maybe she's thinking about saying dirty stuff to her boyfriend? Aww.