By anyoi - 25/04/2012 22:43 - United States - Rocklin

Today, I took my boyfriend to meet my parents over dinner. During the meal, he excused himself to the bathroom, and when he didn't come back after a few minutes, I went to check up on him. I ended up finding him in the living room, pocketing a pack of ambien from my mom's bag. FML
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KatherineAnne 7

You sure know how to pick um! Haha

chick92282 15

And then you broke up with the thieving little slime, right? PLEASE tell me you broke up with the @ss!


KatherineAnne 7

You sure know how to pick um! Haha

2 WOW thank you for not saying FIRST! YOURE DOING GODS WORK.

I'm sure he's stolen worse. He could be on America's Most Wanted for all you know? Those people make me scared af

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My_Misery 0

Did you even read his comment properly? Fail on so many levels :|

11 LIKE OMG he actually made a regular comment unlike yours LIKE HOLY SHIT!!!

lolz you did the did I •_•

Sleep meds. Hypnotics that you can use to feel high. I think?

An ambien would make all of you chill the frick out!

My_Misery 0

Ugh I'm done with this site. I get massively thumbed down and buried for pointing out that drgentlemn has no reading comprehension skills. Yet all these other idiotic posts are praised. So excited to live in a future with so many idiots...

mattmadden 0

Oh no please don't leave 171! I'll never sleep again knowing what we've all caused you! By the way that name fits you perfectly. ;)

173 sure you will just borrow som ambien from OP boyfriend(Probably ex boyfriend)

You are the cutest couple ever!!!! Awwwwwww :)

Can you blame him for knowing the good stuff?

To be honest Ive always been more of an valium man myself. like to be classy when Im getting filthy white trash drunk.

pinkcrayola 0

I know ambien is fun and all, but stealing it from someone else's parents is effed up.

bitch_pleez 10

Yes, yes I can. I blame him for being an idiot. Sorry OP, your boyfriend is retarded.

If you are going to steal something at least steal a drug that is worth it. OP should definitely break up with that retard though that was just pathetic.

Funny how this comment gets thumbs up when all the pro weed comments get thumbed down. I swear, most people are total hypocrites when it comes to mind altering substances, legal or otherwise.

haha you gotta give him some credit, finding a whole bottle first time over takes some skill! If only he was skilled in common sense smh

That's what I was thinking 96. If someone even mentions the two words "weed" and "good" on FML they get buried, but then everyone thumbs up the guys that pop pills

POT??? MOMMY SAYS THATS BAD!!! *thumb down*

I didn't realize my comment made me a pill popper, congratulations you lost the game

Yeah 144 I would be dissapointed if my girlfriend completely skipped over the 8 ball in by bag and picked up some nyquill instead.

chick92282 15

And then you broke up with the thieving little slime, right? PLEASE tell me you broke up with the @ss!

siickman 7

Or maybe we can get him some help. Really not a huge thing to break it off over ._.

itsame0987 18

Stealing from the girlfriend's parents isn't that big of a deal? I feel sorry for whoever dates you. Op leave his sorry butt. If he has the balls to steal from your parents he will steal from you.

chick92282 15

Let's review: this was the first time OP's boyfriend had been around his parents, thus we can assume that this might not be a serious relationship. If OP hasn't been dating this man for long, she should RUN in the opposite direction. If it was a long-term, serious, committed relationship you might (MIGHT) have a point. In my house, however, if anyone stole, or tried to steal, from me or my parents they would be escorted to the door posthaste, and most probably the escort would be carrying his/her choice of firearm. If someone was caught with drugs in my house he/she would still be escorted out, though the presence or absence of a firearm would be dependent on the kind of drug. Either way, I stand by my comment.

siickman 7

True and true... I didnt mean to say stealing is not a big deal i just thought maybe you didnt have to get all butt hurt, try setting things straight. Im just not the kind of person to end a relationship like that, sucks being in a generation that breaks up over everything. But in this FML its more understandable to break up. I dont know i keep talking im just boring the shit out of everyone >.

^ chick 92282 Apparently you have a stoner that wants to visit your house.

chick92282 15

@90- Marijuana is tricky! Probably you would be asked to leave dinner if you just showed up with pot and were all obvious about it, especially if it was the first time you were meeting my parents. There would definitely not be firearms involved, though I'd be pissed. My personal problem w/ marijuana is just that it's illegal and that bringing an illegal substance into my parents' home shows disrespect to them and to me. Other than that, it wouldn't really bother me.

#39- The issue is not that he has trouble sleeping, it's that he stole from OP's parents. He sounds untrustworthy, OP.

It's a good thing he wasn't at my house, my medicine is a lot stronger, so if he took it and something bad happened, I'd feel awful about it! (sorry, I forgot what I was going to say, so I just rambled, lol)

You're freaking 12! Go out side and play! Stop playing on your freaking phone or computer or whatever else you have!

Wow, 2 comments posted at the same time on the same day, one with thirty thumbs up and the other with thirty down. Double standard ftw.

He's a real prescription pill popper. * bad dum tsss*

daaniel69 6

Damn, nice boyfriend you've got there...

He's climbing in your windows, snatching your ambien up.

nofearjenshere 12

Trying to take 'em so ya'll need to hide yo meds, hide yo drugs.

...and hide yo purse 'cause he'll come take yo money too.

TayonaC 10

^ Everything sounded good till you had to add your 2 cents -.-

You're right, I did kind of screw up the flow...but there's no need to be a bitch Tayona. Chill.

HIDE YO KIDS HIDE YO WIFE! They rapin everyone out here!!

Well all his piercings and his tattoos should have gave you some clues

OhDearBetrayal 25

It's just what we need guys; stereotyping.

boundbytheanimus 9

I honestly can't understand how you came to the conclusion that he has piercings and tattoos. I find guys with some piercings and tattoos very attractive, actually.

I have seen plenty of drug users and thieves without tattoos and piercing.

Don't feed the troll, folks. Nothing to see here. Move along.

Your boyfriend sounds like a snake. I wouldn't want to be dating anyone like that.... Hopefully you cut him loose.

49- you're right. That was rude of me. D: I apologize, snakes. Your boyfriend sounds like a SNEAK* Better? :)

I imagined the snake in his picture saying that.