By NeedsANewApartment - United States - Wurtsboro
Today, sewage came up the toilet and tub in my apartment and spread far enough to get into the hallway. The maintenance crew found the source of the blocked pipes to be a ten inch long weave some idiot flushed down a toilet. FML
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  Shadowpartner  |  11

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  Arthurie  |  30

Yes, here, take this free, shit-soaked, probably smelly, nasty weave I plucked from the sewage pipe, where all sorts of bacteria or whatnot must be, not to mention the person who wore it beforehand and if they had any head lice or dandruff. But hey - free weave?!

  drayloon  |  50

My stepmom and her oldest daughter do hair in my dad's apartment from time to time, and inevitably, strands of weave would make their way onto the carpet. My dad bought an expensive Dyson vacuum a while back specifically designed to suck up pet hair and other shit without clogging, but eventually it succumbed to the destructive power of leftover weave. Powerful stuff, man

  RabbitOfAurora  |  28

#7, my family is renting a new place and the toilet was backing up every 6 weeks. On the second call to the real estate office their phone person asked... "What, again? Are you flushing chicken bones down there?"

Turned out there was a clog in the pipes that were off of the property and we had to get in the top guns for it because the plumber wasn't insured to go that far.

But honest to god... "chicken bones"