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  evig_fml  |  16

The first thing I would have done was *enter extremely inappropriate and vulgar statement describing what I would have done* and then I would have sat down with a smile on my face and a sandwich in my hand :) (I feel like my comment is irrelevant, but what do I care it's 1 AM where I live and I'm tired so judge me as harshly as you please)

  skitzofunia88  |  8

I'm tired of people giving a thumbs down when someone uses this pun. It's relevant to the situation and is kinda humorous, someone is bound to say it. The only reason people don't like it is because it's been said a thousand times. Instead of giving a thumbs down or up, why don't you just not vote on it instead? Give the person a zero. Because that's what they deserve.

  lil_ham1644  |  29

There is a difference between mulch & manure. I've worked at a greenhouse/farm for like 4 years. Mulch is usually like wood chips of different kinds of wood. Manure is self explanatory.