By Greg - 28/10/2013 21:53 - United States - Livonia

Today, I was leaving the grocery store when an old woman started yelling at me for not holding the door open for her. She accused me of being "everything wrong with the younger generation". It was an automatic door. FML
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Some people just look for excuses to shout and rant at something. I'm sure of it were a normal door you would have held it open for her! I swear people all over the place just want to use "Well, back in my day..." Keep doing what you're doing OP! :)


And obviously don't understand technology

Just grab her cart and shove it across the parking lot.

MichellinMan 20

^ that is such an evil thing to do to an old person, but so perfect for the scenario.

everything wrong with the older generation....

Misskreher 30

Some old people are batty and cranky all the time :/

Did you slip the word batty in there purely due to your profile pic? or am I making odd connections

hah didn't even notice that till I read this.

Misskreher 30

I didn't mean to. It's turned out to be one of those unnoticed accidental puns!

Some people just look for excuses to shout and rant at something. I'm sure of it were a normal door you would have held it open for her! I swear people all over the place just want to use "Well, back in my day..." Keep doing what you're doing OP! :)

Even then, OP wasn't obligated to open the door for her. Sure, it's a nice gesture but really - not that many people do it nowadays unless it seems like the person needs help. Being old doesn't automatically reason for you to be an asshole.

I'm the same way, 69. Most of the time they don't even thank me. But I still continue to do it because I believe in the golden rule.(:

Then again how often are you caught in a situation when you miscalculate how far the person is and you're left holding the door open for an awkwardly long period of time.. or maybe that's just me.

monnanon 13

no thats happened to me too or the other awkward door scenario where both of you go to open thr door but are too polite to go through before 5he other person resulting in an embarrasingly polite doorway stalemate.

Honestly the younger generation ( my generation) is bad. But saying that it is made out a lot worst then it actually is.

Honestly, every generation has its degenerates. That doesn't make an entire generation bad.

Yep, because the shit happening now has never happened before.

He's got a point. MY generation used to hold open automatic doors like civilized people.

CallMeMcFeelii 13

In my opinion, manners have gone down hill a bit. Not saying it's this generations fault or that ones, I think it's just the way the world is now. It's a helluva more fast paced place than it used to be and things like holding a door open or saying 'thank you', are starting to vanish. Older people are just more used to the way it was. I know when I hold the door open, some older ladies act like I'm ******* Jesus or something. We all need to be polite and well mannered, not just youngins, but everyone.

I attempt to keep doors open for any person, older or younger than I. Simple things such as that do make the day better for the receiver of the nice deed, and I hope they pass it along. Maybe it's just me, but a door holding isn't much effort; however, an automatic door holder could be interesting, OP should've just stood there and stared as the door remained open for the elder lady.

watch "meet me in St Louis" and you'll understand why they hate the way things are now.

I'm a nice person I always hold the door if there's someone behind me or arriving at the same time. I'm not going to do it for men anymore cause I got a strange look and a “you go" from a guy the other day. my ma says I emasculated him.....oops.

monnanon 13

holding the door open for the person behind you is common courtesy as is saying thanks when gettinf off a bud or when someone does something for you. in my personal experience i have had more nastiness and bad manners off of the older generations than my own or the younger one. yes some kids are little ***** but its obvious from some old people tjat those little ***** just grew up to be bigger *****.

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It's not your fault OP, just close the door on that part of your life.

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What is keeps opening automatically?

If the door keep opening automatically, then you turn that door into a wall, but make sure some people can still get in so put a door in that wall. Preferably an automatic door....

You should have posed like you were opening the door with "the force". She wouldn't have been able to complain then.

I sort of do something similar. I hit the emergency stop button on escalators for people can walk up them because standing on them is the most dangerous thing ever. It seems no one gets I'm trying to do something nice for them....

Hey, some people are just mean... All you can do is ignore them... Or attack them...-looks around- I feel surrounded

"Feeling surrounded" is just a short way of saying "ATTACK! ATTACK! ATTACK! Attack them all at once!"

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You can fight or flight... Attack or bust out your jet pack and fly away!