By Anonymous - United States
Today, my boyfriend didn't come home from a night of drinking with the boys again, so I told him that I was packing my things and I wouldn't be here when he came home. After all my things were packed, I realized he drove my car to the bar. FML
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By  annamg  |  0

How can you all assume that she's a controlling bitch? You can't just do whatever the hell you want in a relationship; there has to be compromise. If he wants to party and drink and spend every night away from home, why does he have a girlfriend? It's obvious that this isn't the same as just "hanging with the boys."

  slasher29  |  0

18 yeah in a way its sad but a little funny
but anyway, what you need to do is call a taxi or something to the bar, ask to "borrow" his keys for a sec, and then explain the situation

  bovice  |  0

you probably dont give him enough space.
which is why he goes to bars and doesnt stay whipped like #58 said.

theres no way you didnt deserve this.
leave this guy it will do him a favor

  lovesux2013  |  0

hey #64 ever considered it's not her fault. maybe he's a alcoholic and needs to grow up. maybe she told him to stop being so irresponsible. don't blame it on her immedialty.

  King_Nero  |  15

82- I agree that you can't blame op here but when she decides she's leaving him before even calling then that's not any better. For all you know he could have had something bad happen and couldn't get home on time. Things like that do happen.

By  andlifesuxagain  |  0

How dare you want your bf to drive after a night of drinking! You cant get in betweem the other mates friends.. silly woman.

Why is beer better than a woman? Because beer does not get jealous when you pick up another.

  XOfiestypixie  |  0

it's just fun?
If his drinking is THAT much of a problem that she's leaving him, then I think she has the privilege to do so.
However, I don't know if he really has a drinking problem, or if she's just overreacting.

  ananamoose  |  0

yea because if he raped her family a good thing to show him your mad would be hey I'm going to throw your clothes out on the lawn, I could take you to court and you would go to jail for awhile for RAPING MY FAMILY, but no the whole clothes thing I think lets him know your really upset. Idiot


Wow, get the fucking stick out of your ass. You have no right to just call someone a bitch when you don't even know the story; FML only gives 300 characters-not alot of room to tell a story, there could be more to it than this. And besides, I think she has every right to leave, I wouldn't want some Boyfriend that gets drunk and doesn't come home until way later, that doesn't make me controlling. Jesus Christ.

  Strike1  |  0

Not really #22. She could've easily said: "another night of drinking and sex" without going over the limit. Not letting your bf do what he wants short of cheating is being controlling. You'd rather have a boyfriend that gets drunk and then drives home drunk rather than one that waits to sober up before coming home? That doesn't sound like a good judgement call to me.

  GDinNJ  |  0

I'm going to have to agree with whoever opposed 22. Although I understand that one might become jealous or seriously concerned that their boyfriend is cheating on them, but making him drive home drunk? You do realize what that would do, correct? You're going to end up with a ton of good, faithful guys dead 'cause they actually did what their gf asked them to do. Any tool who's actually going to cheat on you PROBABLY wouldn't listen to your demands for him to drive home drunk. Unless he's an idiot, that is.

However, ASKING him if he's gonna be home or not makes sense to me. I know guys get annoyed when their girlfriends try to "control" them, but have some common decency. The point of a relationship may be trust, but it wouldn't kill you to try to give your gf a heads up if you're gonna be home or not.

  PoeticPixie  |  0

so as long as he's not having sex with another girl, he should be allowed to do whatever he wants, even if it upsets his girlfriend? i pity your girlfriend. relationships are about compromise, and the fact that the OP said he didn't come home after a night of drinking AGAIN, this seems like a regular occurrence. If all he wants is to go out and drink with his friends, he doesn't need a girlfriend, he needs his friends and a one night stand. The OP wasn't being controlling, she was being reasonable

  __nines  |  13

Yes I agree that he shouldn't drive home drunk, but why would he drive if he knew he was going to drink? There's a DD for a reason. We also don't know if he called or not and communication is a big deal in a relationship. We also don't know if this was a regular thing too which is what it kind of sounds like.