By RAZR MeowMix - 30/1/2021 21:30

Kids these days…

Today, my youngest started playing Fortnite. My oldest has been playing competitively for a couple of years. My youngest is now addicted and needs a new computer to run it at max settings. I hate Fortnite. FML
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By  silvermoon5033  |  26

I logged in just to comment! I think it's wonderful that your children have interests! I'm sure it can be annoying at times, but parents tend to get upset at their children for being happy about something. Remember, if you get annoyed, that these are tiny humans, and despite their sizes, they are just as significant as adults. You have hobbies and interests too. If you had people, especially significant others, downgrade your experiences to just annoyances, it would probably be upsetting. So remember that when you bring up their game! Comments can hurt. And children can read your attitude, even if you think it isn't obvious. This can lead to being unsure of themselves and lead to further problems in the future when they are making different choices!

Source: Assistant Teacher/Majored in Psych

  tounces7  |  27

Having interests in like, the worst game to come out in the last century isn't something to celebrate.

I'm celebrating because all of my kids hate fornite and think it's stupid.

By  Yummi_913  |  15

You don't need a badass computer for fortnite AT ALL. And your kid doesn't "need" to get everything they want. But you could take this opportunity to write out a "chores for money" list (like a menu) and have him research all the parts he wants (he will definitely learn a thing or two) and make a list on pc builder or whatever and work off the prices for each part as he goes along. You can offer to pay shipping if you want to be involved in paying. This gives him a sense of work ethic, knowledge, responsiblity, achievement, and the toys he wants, all while avoiding raising a spoilt brat. If he throws a fit about this your kids is already a brat and you need to fix that and stop buying them shit until they learn to appreciate it.