By poohanne - United States - Ville Platte
Today, my mom made up a new game. She thinks it's hilarious to hide my brother's creepy Batman toy around the house to creep me out. This has been going on for hours and I still scream every time. FML
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  Crlnprz  |  11

it seems like everyone doesn't like you #1 because I saw your comment on another FML was thumbed down as well. Maybe it's because of your profile picture

  billyz77  |  24

I kind of agree. Things like that are funny - once or twice but after that, it's just torture.
OP, you can always remind your mother that the day will come when you get to decide which home you're going to put her in - the nice one down the street or the one you saw on 60 Minutes.

  SuperKnuckels  |  6

im gonna tell the toy company to make a batman mask that yells "Where are they!?" and "Where were the other drugs going?" best detective ever. lol

  TwinChapter  |  15

I should think after the third/fourth time, or after about 10 minutes she would come to realize what was happening and start expecting it... Things should stop being so surprising after awhile, so I don't understand why she would still not only get scared, but SCREAM after hours of this happening... A tad bit of an overreaction?

  vencku  |  13

This is what I instantely thought (after being rather perplexed about someone being scared of a Batman toy). I wondered when someone would say it. Comment four. Not bad.

By  freshberries22  |  17

The next time you come across it just donate it or give it to some kids outside. I'm sure others would love to have it and you will look like a good person for giving toys to the needy.

  Sputnikspak  |  13

My friend's old Furby had low batteries from sitting in the back of the closet for years, and it suddenly came to life and started talking in this creepy, slow voice one night from inside her closet. I was sleeping over that night - we both almost had a heart attack (we'd had a few drinks, too - we thought something was possessed).

They gave me the creeps when they had fresh batteries, in broad daylight, and I was sober. =/

By  pradip  |  26

It's just been few hours, you're not phobic, you'll lose the fear soon, and your mom needs to find something more creepier. How about SPIDER-MAN!!!