By FathersDay - 22/06/2009 05:27 - United States

Today, I told my dad I couldn't make the trip to see him this weekend because I had to work. I surprised him by driving ten hours, and while he was out, I let myself in with my key and hid behind the couch for when he came in. He walked in. I jumped out. I then had to call 911. FML
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LuckyCharms_fml 0

Well it worked, he was surprised!

009yp 0

U can't do that to old ppl shame


nice. Also; dad. Dad? DAAAAADDDDDDD!!!!

easylazy 0

This is an outright obvious YDI

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LuckyCharms_fml 0

Well it worked, he was surprised!

I'm actually unsure of what happened because I thought he was being robbed, thus he had to call 911. lol

I feel bad for laughing. At least he'll remember this Father's Day forever.

Courtnaayy 0

Happy Fathers day, Daddddy!

I love it when people say first when they're really seventh.

you wrote this 7 minutes after the first person. that is an epic fail.

muffinsareyummy 1

ydi. you should know better than to surprise older people. it scares them to death. literally.

Poison93_fml 0

I know i really dont know wtf happened. I guess something along the lines of u jumping must have hurt you. YDI then for being unable to jump

Uhh op I think 34 is not getting onto something....,

YDI man, you cant do that to people.. especially older people

notice 60% FYL... despite how people are in here, people aren't blaming OP

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AW, I hope he'll be okay. but, ydi you can't do that to old people. and REALLY? number one. uhg