By thanksmom - United States - Tucson
Today, I took my boyfriend to meet my parents. As he was loading his truck, I went inside to take a surreptitious shit. I ended up clogging the toilet, and so the first thing my mom said to my boyfriend was, "You'll have to find another bathroom; she just clogged it all up." FML
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  laya_fml  |  26

That could be a disturbing dinner topic. "Oh, this meatloaf reminds me of a funny story. Remember that time I clogged the toilet. Speaking of which, can I have some more peas."

  Pleonasm  |  34

Shitty puns level is approaching 9000!
I keep scrolling down to see whe, eventually, shit will hit the fan, the standard for puns will go down the drain, and I will hit the poop deck.

  DocBastard  |  38

Do you seriously not get the point of this site? It's called, not If you can read, I'd strongly suggest skimming through the FAQ.