By thanksmom - 09/01/2013 19:57 - United States - Tucson

Today, I took my boyfriend to meet my parents. As he was loading his truck, I went inside to take a surreptitious shit. I ended up clogging the toilet, and so the first thing my mom said to my boyfriend was, "You'll have to find another bathroom; she just clogged it all up." FML
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Every poops. Don't feel bad, unless he's the type that thinks it's wrong when women fart and poop.

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Every poops. Don't feel bad, unless he's the type that thinks it's wrong when women fart and poop.

Must resist...... Aggghhhh!!! I can not. *Everyone

Omg.... how did I miss the toilet on this one?! Hopefully it gets taken care of.

If he thinks it's wrong for women to do that then OP shouldn't worry about impressing him anyways. He's not worth her time.

What are you talking about #1? Women don't fart.

Olly Murs thinks it's wrong for girls to fart..

OP should be glad it was at her parents house, not his!!

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OP must be stuck in a shi-*gets shot*

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very true it would be more embarrassing at his house

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Well that's a pretty crappy way to start things off. Ba dum tsss.

What a shitty way to impress the parents

Sorry wrote that wrong was shitty way to impress the boyfriend ops parents I was really tired when I wrote that having just finished a soccer game.

You must have just finished something extremely tiresome before writing that last comment...

Except if the excuse is, I'm paralyzed from the neck down. Then someone else has to do the dishes hence getting them done.

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Oh don't worry everybody clogs the toilet now and then. Make some light hearted jokes about it, though preferably not at dinner.

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That could be a disturbing dinner topic. "Oh, this meatloaf reminds me of a funny story. Remember that time I clogged the toilet. Speaking of which, can I have some more peas."

Next time, flush while you're going so it won't get clogged! Sorry for the embarrassment though OP!

Number of really bad puns about shit: 2 and counting.

Let's just wait for the "that's a shitty situation" comments.

I say we all thumb it up just so that person feels better about themselves and everyone is like "how the hell is that getting thumbs up?"

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Hold on, has anyone seen my sunglasses? Oops, they are on my head! Sounds like a . . . never mind, the moment has passed.

Well that's a shitty situation. There, done.

Shitty puns level is approaching 9000! I keep scrolling down to see whe, eventually, shit will hit the fan, the standard for puns will go down the drain, and I will hit the poop deck.

What about "that looks like a bad shituation?" The number of shit puns is going through the roof

I got this one! Well, at least she didn't hold- *puts on sunglasses* Anything in... *leaves quickly*

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If they had decent parents, they wouldn't be on FML :P

Do you seriously not get the point of this site? It's called, not If you can read, I'd strongly suggest skimming through the FAQ.

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#25 it must be her, I mean, who else could it be..?

Did she clog your toilet before she left you?

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She's probably very embarrassed afterwards, hence the breaking up so fast.

If you're close enough to introduce him to your parents, you're close enough to know that both of you go to the bathroom.