By jkon - 04/08/2009 05:11 - United States

Today, I texted my girlfriend and told her I was mowing my lawn. She responded, "It's about time, it keeps getting caught in my teeth!" I was referring to the lawn outside of my house. FML
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I guess you've got more mowing to do then!

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So trim your pubes. No biggie. ;)


@41 your lame because you don't have one

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hahaha, thats funny. but lame at the same time.. idk

What she was trying to say was "If your schlong was longer, I could not get your hair stuck in my teeth".

She could be sucking on his balls not necessarily his dick

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#42 neither do you ******* fagget, go **** yourself hang yourself u piece of shit

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aw don't you just hate it when your girlfrend gets the grass in ur frontlawn stuck in her teeth

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why is his dick your main focus?

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it doesnt matter if his penis is small the thing that matters is where the penis goes ^.^

I guess you've got more mowing to do then!

#48, that is called "gender equality" Yeah. I dig the double standard upheld by women, as well.

I agree. Women think no one should be allowed to tell them what to do.

hear hear #48!! Double standards rule!! personally if my gf doesn't shave i won't, even if she asks, unless she's willing to start shaving too, then i'll be fine

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Hopefully, not with the Lawn Mower he referred to O_o That would be a tad painful!

I've never seen it this way. In those FMLs, the majority of people were telling her to shave... they didn't tell him to, just her. I've never heard the double standard put this way. It's usually the girls who do and the guys who don't, and the girls have to put up with it.

Yeah, it usually is considered more gross when the girls don't shave than the guys. Hairy balls look like old man balding, though lol @OP: FYL because she didn't say anything before. Seriously, if she has an issue, then she needs to say so, or just not mouth your balls.

#48 - My two cents: nobody's under any compulsion to do that, but *I* won't go down on a girl if she doesn't shave - my nose runs and I feel icky. Only part of her body I don't want hair to be, though. So it seems fair to me for the reverse to happen as well. If the hair is getting in your partner's way, then either remove it or expect them to stay away from it. If it;'s not, hey, do whatever.

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So trim your pubes. No biggie. ;)

If I'm comfortable with the fact that my girlfriend doesn't mow the lawn, then why should I have to? I like that the OP is actually comfortable with himself as is and doesn't feel he needs to mow his lawn...well at least he was comfortable. That sucks for you OP, I hope all works out well for you.

your preferences in her pubic hair are different than her preferences in your pubic hair. if a guy is fine with me shaving or not shaving, whatever, but i'm still going to prefer that HE keep his trimmed for the same reason the OP's gf mentioned. do you know how awkward and disgusting it is to go down on a guy and have to stop because you got a big gnarly pubic hair caught on the back of your tongue?

I have had my fair share of nasty pubes stuck in my mouth going down on girls too. It goes both ways.

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right because cutting the labia is TOTALLY the same feeling as our period you ******* retard.

That's nasty I bet ur girl is like chewbacca down there

lol, I think you should take the hint :P .

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1. Why are you mowing a lawn and texting 2. Whats the problem just shave 3. This is good you got advice

I'm surprised she didn't say anything before

Is your life that uneventful that you have to inform your girlfriend about your chores? God. Your short flash of embarrassment is won over by the fact that you're still getting head.

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REALLY? You need to learn to think outside the box... this FML TOTALLY makes sense in couple different concepts; the couple could have already been in the midst of a conversation and she might have asked him what he's up to... maybe they had plans to hang out but it had to be postponed because he had a chore to do. BESIDES, it's FUNNY. Let a little humor into your life, you'll live longer.

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hahaha take a razor and mow that as well.

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you don't use razors!!!!! owww shit bro

haha, time to trim that bush. sucks for you. YDI for having a bush.

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Nice to hear that you have such fascinating topics to discuss with your girlfriend.

Some 12 year old here doesn't understand the reference...