By Anonymous - Canada
Today, I got home late to find my dad outside mowing the lawn in the dark. I told him the neighbors were going to think he lost his marbles for mowing it at that time. He then informed me he wasn't mowing it, he was vacuuming it. FML
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  ImFrackinBored  |  13

Time for a bad anti joke relating to OPs dad

Why was grandpa climbing a telephone pole with a backpack full of bananas?

He has a debilitating disease, and is slowly losing touch with reality.

  Crlnprz  |  11

i know this has nothing to do with the post im replying to but is anybody else really getting annoyed by that ad that opens up everytime you open the app

By  Ali_Br_fml  |  33

wow, he could have been sleepwalking. My friend does stuff like that when she sleepwalks... Either that, or he really lost his marbles. Better start locking the doors with the chain, & putting bells on it so if he goes out, you hear. It can get dangerous...

  Bekll  |  30

My mother has been sleep walking since she was a kid and regularly gets night terrors. It can be scary, especially the rare times she's found herself outside still sleeping,

  CuteGinger  |  2

It is spelled LOSING! I usually don't have a biiiig problem with words being misspelled, but too many people can't spell losing.
*If this was a typo, I apologize profusely.