By Anonymous - 13/11/2011 08:40 - Canada

Today, I got home late to find my dad outside mowing the lawn in the dark. I told him the neighbors were going to think he lost his marbles for mowing it at that time. He then informed me he wasn't mowing it, he was vacuuming it. FML
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Poetaster 10

he obviously does want dirt in his grass.

kevsnev 7

At least your dad is attempting to be clean. My parents don't give a donkey fart about the state of our house.

Damn_Hippster 11

Well with all that dirt on their lawn, who wouldn't vacuum it?

leadman1989 15

Not so weird if it's turf... you have to mow that shit, yes in serious. Truth is stranger than fiction.

As if mowing the grass at night alone would make him look crazy, but vacuuming? It's a whole new level of insanity.

He probably literally lost his marbles on the lawn and was vaccuming trying to find them.... One never knows

todethepandaXD 2

take advantage of the situation, parents are the best drunk!

pfft who MOWS their lawns anymore? vacuuming is the new "it" thing

Lol someone removed my comment of I hate these ******* ads

xoconnie 8

pretty smart. instead of raking the leaves, why not suck them up a vacuum?

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Did anyone stop to think that dad was just being a smartass to annoy his kid? That's like when my husband asks what we are having for dinner and I say food.

ImFrackinBored 13

Time for a bad anti joke relating to OPs dad Why was grandpa climbing a telephone pole with a backpack full of bananas? He has a debilitating disease, and is slowly losing touch with reality.

Well now you know he has lost his marbles :')

i know this has nothing to do with the post im replying to but is anybody else really getting annoyed by that ad that opens up everytime you open the app

Yeah I'm getting that and it's really annoying.

Then you have to wait to click continue, yeah it sucks

Just buy the ad free version in the settings menu.

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112- gasp, I wouldn't go that far.

I think I have 0.0 I swear I thought it said "meowing" his lawn...

todethepandaXD 2

He was obviously vacuuming the lawn to find them, duh.

He's looking for his marbles-vacuuming them up

Ali_Br_fml 33

wow, he could have been sleepwalking. My friend does stuff like that when she sleepwalks... Either that, or he really lost his marbles. Better start locking the doors with the chain, & putting bells on it so if he goes out, you hear. It can get dangerous...

I kicked my friend in the face when I sleep walked :/

todethepandaXD 2

my cousin spread dog food all over her lawn when she sleep walked once

My mother has been sleep walking since she was a kid and regularly gets night terrors. It can be scary, especially the rare times she's found herself outside still sleeping,

curlyfry33 8

I have only sleep walked a couple of times

I don't think you've got to worry about him loosing his marbles anymore.

It is spelled LOSING! I usually don't have a biiiig problem with words being misspelled, but too many people can't spell losing. *If this was a typo, I apologize profusely.

he lost his marbles, he dosent want to run them over in the lawm mower so he's gotta vacum them up

MrSexyPants 14

He was trying to find his marbles. In hope that the vacuum will suck it up and later he can find it in the vacuum's litter bag.