By Beesmakemerun - 10/04/2017 04:00

Today, I made a joke about my electric lawnmower sounding like a bunch of angry bees. It was verified when I ran over a beehive in my backyard. FML
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Hope you're not the same guy who is allergic to Benadryl!


Hope you're not the same guy who is allergic to Benadryl!

If the mower sounded like angry bees, wouldn't the real bees be scared of them and fly away?

She may have been as careful as she could be, we don't know. I have seen bees repurpose old + abandoned rabbit dens , when there were few options available.

This remind me of when Jerry Seinfeld played a bee in a movie about bees. At least this situation was better than that.

Aren't hives supposed to be in trees or somewhere elevated? What was in doing on the ground?

As unusual as it sounds. I have found beehives in bushes, and wasp nests in parts of a house ( lucky always outside ). So not too surprising.

AFAIK there are actually "Ground Bees" that burrow and live underground. I am not an entomologist, but I think I remember my mom describing them after I stepped on a hole and got stung as a kid. (shrugs)

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Hope you are ok and didnt get stung