By dumped - 14/12/2011 23:00 - United Kingdom

Today, my boyfriend of two years broke up with me. Why? His best mate got dumped yesterday and my boyfriend thought it would be 'more fun' to be 'single lads together'. FML
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obviously he never valued your relationship, you can do better(:

Turn "single lads" into "single ladies"! Time to have some fun!


obviously he never valued your relationship, you can do better(:

IphonFML 6

am I the only one who read this in a British accent?

Kefka91 15

12- I normally answer an "am I the only one..." question with no, you're never the only one, but in this case I think you may actually be the only one (aside from British people who I'm assuming read in their own accents).

sounds like he has been craving manlove

iRuleUdrool 4

12- yes probably, considering the fact that "lads" was used at the end. However, I did read "mate" with an australian accent.

Lawzen_Rainbow 7

you can't have a "British" accent! it can be: English,Scottish,Irish or welsh.

Even then there are regional accents within each of those countries.

I actually read it in a Scottish accent, but close enough.

jaredofmo 22

12, considering OP is in the UK... It's appropriate.

Clearly they both wanted to **** each other

fmlwinnn 0

Am I the only one who noticed that this is EXACTLY like an older one, but the roles were reversed?

SouthernKiller 4

Am I the only one who noticed that their prolly gay?

If he cares about you so little as to do that, you're probably better off in the long run.

xSonic 9

Op should see if she could have fun banging his mate

And the OP would end up sleeping with the mate's ex and everyone wins!

Yes because resorting to promiscuity to make herself feel better is a good idea? I hate it so much when people are *****. Don't hate them, just what they're doing.

ShroomsOnAcid 16

53, I agree about what they're doing sometimes being annoying or unpleasant when it affects you personally, but I think everyone has the right to live their life however they want. We just need to keep in mind that everybody has their reasons.

That was a lame excuse he made. What an a hole.

Mister_Triangle 21

Wow that's taking bromance to a whole nother level, FYL OP :(

I think he might be gay... Not for sure, but it is a possibility.

scarface90 8

What an idiot!!! Good thing you dodged that bullet

Turn "single lads" into "single ladies"! Time to have some fun!

tandem123 6

Has your boyfriend ever owned/ wanted a black leotard?

whaaaat up. Seriously. well at least ur single and can find a better dude. make up for two lost years;)

You are really pretty. Sorry had to point that out.

I think you the perfect woman! ...Just for the comments I've seen from you...

I love how you just left that question open to our imaginations ;D

Isn't there a really similar FML when the girlfriend dumps her boyfriend in sympathy with her just dumped friend.

47 you don't read enough. And 11 yeah there is. I thought this was a copycat one. Not saying it is just saying it's REALLY similar

You mean 4 hours a day reading FMLs isn't healthy? 0__o