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By Anonymous - 14/06/2011 01:08 - United States

Today, I ran out of breath while mowing the lawn. I was on a riding lawn mower. FML
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how fat are you?

"gotta work out my muscles with my steering wheel" -pants-


FreshSalad 1

Wow... how is that even possible?

crazy17balls 0

if your hugeXD

immja 0

wow. how'd u not break the mower?

how fat are you?

Was the lawn mower riding you?

pwincessa23 1

very kinky;) total turn on.

Just because someone ran out of breath doesn't automatically make them fat. No need to be a prick.

well quit riding and buy one you push and maybe you will get in shape!

enonymous 8

By mowing the lawn he really means driving through that little green patch of dirt on his way to Walmart and yes.. he will drive that lawn mower up and down the isle

This can happen ONLY in USA

VinegarStrokes 0

43 that is true... But Latvia? Come on...

5- In Soviet Russia, the lawn mower rides you

and "your" either a bad troll or just a moron.

theten_fml 9

his allergies just got to him

and "your" either a bad troll or just a moron.

^^ all good theories but the most likely cause is he hit a rock which then ricocheted off a tree into a goose causing the goose to lay an egg onto of a frog which out of fright lept into OPs mouth resulting in him struggling to breath.

they see me rollin.. they hatin'

jiggle for justice :D

Randuhh_17 4

he could live in a very humid south Louisiana per-say... it gets so humid, it could messed with someone's asthma or something... even "fit" people without asthma here can get out of breath in this humidity. people can get asthma attacks in hot showers...

Veraymix 6

Epic. Fail.

I commend op, Mr. Jigglesworth

Im guessing op is anywhere from 120-130..thousand.

83 I lie in south la and I promise you I don't run out of breath just by sitting out side

agaba 0


at least we are not a third world country bitch

43- it's funny how people NOT from USA diss on it. o_O

73 - weird al's parody - they see me mowing, my front lawn.

your a freaking creeper

28- No, losing your breath does not specifically mean you are fat, but losing your breath while sitting down? I'm pretty sure that does. Or at least extremely unhealthy. Stop being so self righteous and thinking you're smarter than everyone else because YOU'RE WRONG. Dick.

118 lololol south LA? You honestly have no ******' idea how hot it gets in the south. The humidty is over %90 everyday in the summertime and the tempature rarely goes below 90. Step outside for about 5 minutes and you'll be drenched in sweat.

AlterrOnmi 0

on a scale of 1 to perious how fat are you?

Randuhh_17 4

178-thank you. I live in south Louisiana as well, and I'm not saying everyone does, im sayin SOME people do. the humidity is horrible, and people do get out of breath, it's smothering. especially if op has asthma...that could be the reason.

jonathanhand 0

YDI for being a fat ass

krista2009 0

yea right that's pathetic

#45 lol, word.. BUT she is wicked hot and so are many other Latvian girls, so Latvia can be forgiven for being a shit country =)

Who knows...I was quite a fat ass once and had no issues using a push mower to mow the lawn.

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bezach 0

it's ok, I run out of breath when "mowing the lawn" too. I was also using a riding mower.

"gotta work out my muscles with my steering wheel" -pants-

It's so hard to turn a steering wheel....they need to invent a way that I can turn the lawn mower just by shifting my weight!! That will be so much easier and won't cause me to be completely exhausted!!

like a Segway-lawnmower???

This is the worsed FML I have read.

FatElie 0

It could be a zero-turn mower... but those are even easier.

your either a fat troll or just plain fat

wat if OP has severe allergies to grass? Im allergic to grass (seasonal allergies)

I don't understand how the mower didn't run out of gas before your breath. Other than that, you must have a seat with an attached *****!

Felix_Felicis15 8

Guys, just because he gets tired quickly doesn't mean he's fat. He could be really thin with no muscle.

One question - Why in the HELL would you buy a riding mower? Are you too lazy to walk around a little? -If you actually have physical problems ignore this comment- Unless, of course, you live in a house with a GIGANTIC yard..

kellysmith69 1

maybe you should go for a walk instead of sitting on your ass all day.


kellysmith that was funny lmao

MizzErikaHart 8

at least op is outdoors being productive. op may be out of shape but I get the impression he's not a total lazy ass

if he wasn't a "lazyass" he would not be using a tractor.

54 sitting on a lawn mower is not being productive. being productive would be using a push mower

0opsie 6

It's productive because the lawn is getting mowed either way. But it's definitely lazier than using a push mower.

everyone should love atleast one sport.

I question what happened when you were going to get your lawn mower.

that's hella funny ahahaha

Well at least you didn't puke so that is a start. This was a subtle hint that maybe you need to get into a little better shape. The chair collapsing last week was a hint too but you missed that one eh Skippy?

mintcar 9

What? There is no work involved. You drive around on a mower and it does the work for you. I'm not too sure how you were able to run of breath...

mintcar 9


guckylynn 19


Mint! I love your new septum piercing & I'm incredibly jealous. I was going to get mine last weekend when I was out of town for my friend's wedding but I didn't have time... I haven't made it back down there because the shop I want to go to is almost 2 hours from where I live...

this is the place for conversation lol about septim piercing.

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156 - I would just message her, but I'm on the app. Excuse me for trying to give someone a well-deserved compliment.

Wow. You must be fat. How the he'll would you run out of breath on a lawn mower you sit on. Be a man and start curing the grass manually.