By oops - 22/08/2014 14:35 - Australia - Wembley

Today, I stuck one of those "kick me" signs on my friend's back for fun, and someone took the invitation. Unfortunately, my friend whirled around and beat the shit out of him. I managed to sneak the sign off his back, but now I feel like a total asshole. FML
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You should feel like an asshole, are you in sixth grade? I didn't know then"kick me" gag was still existent.

Were you not expecting some one to kick him? F that random guys life, not yours...


You should feel like an asshole, are you in sixth grade? I didn't know then"kick me" gag was still existent.

To be honest, I side with OP. Even though it's a lame joke, what grown up person actually kicks a random stranger because a piece of paper says so? That guy deserved it. I doubt OP actually expected that kind of idiocy, and if it was around friends it would have end up in laughter if they gave some playful kicks. There's nothing wrong with a little bit of childish games among friends. Who in their right mind kicks a stranger?

That's what I was thinking, 28. Who knew people that stupid could also be literate?

I'd side with OP if he'd broken up the fight and owned up to his prank. Instead he let his friend beat the shit out of a stranger for no real reason. And went out of his way to conceal the evidence. OP's a cunt. Period.

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In 3rd grade, I put a kick me sign on a friend's back once. Obviously a Third grader's kick doesn't hurt for shit, but I still got in big trouble for putting that sign on his back. A more appropriate sign to put on a friend's back, if any at all, would be "Slap my butt!" That would provide a lot more humor, and shouldn't get anyone hurt. And if your friend does try to beat the shit out of that stranger, then you should intervene.

#35 So are you saying that if some stranger came up behind you and slapped your butt that you wouldn't be offended and pissed off? and if OP wouldn't stop his friend this time while he was beating up some stranger then why would he stop him from beating up another random person who this time slapped his butt? I think OP should just stay away from putting any signs on people's back.

#31 took the words out of my mouth. You should have owned up to it. Heck, if you had maybe this could have been a funny story down the road.

Yes 35 - OP why didn't you intervene??? Who can stand back and watch a friend beat the sh*t out of someone without stepping in, especially when you were the cause of confusion? Cowardly, weak, lazy, assh*le?

Were you not expecting some one to kick him? F that random guys life, not yours...

Exactly, when you put a "Kick me" sign on a friend, you are expecting them to be kicked. You should be surrounded by close friends, and you should kick your friend first. Or your whole group kicks the friend a bit. Then they try to place a sign on you etc, everybody laughs, no one is hurt.

badluckalex 23

the asshole deserves to have the shit beat out of him for kicking a random stranger in the first place!

Today, I got beat up by a stranger because of somebody's stupid kick me sign. FML.

21, kicking the guy was a horrible thing to do, but part of me wonders if it was a light tap on the butt. If so, I don't think he deserved to get the crap beaten out of him, maybe just a yelling to or a light punch. However if it was an actual hard kick then I'm glad he got the crap beaten out of him!

So I guess the guy got no final words before his ass kicking.

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I thought those signs were only in movies. YDI.

ChristianH39 30

Well usually it's only in movies and 3rd grade

You deserve it. And I think you'd have deserved it more if he'd found the sign and kicked the shit out of you too.

ExtremeEncounter 32

Any stranger willing to kick someone because of a sign deserves to get the shit beat out of them. It's the equivalent of telling someone to jump off a bridge for money and they actually do it. It's not OP's fault, and you people should realize this.

Man up and fess up and apologize to your friend AND the random guy.

The random guy doesn't deserve to be apologized to, he shouldn't have kicked the guy in the first place. If there's a "kick me" sign on someone's back, they obviously don't know about it and aren't a willing participant of the joke. Kicking the guy was a dick move and he should be the one apologizing.

The random guy doesn't deserve an apology by the guy who kicked his ass no, but he deserves one from the friend who put the note there in the first place. And I use the term friend loosely.

ExtremeEncounter 32

No, he still doesn't deserve an apology from anyone. Only a moron would actually take a sign like that seriously.

That's us the most selfish FML I've ever seen, actually no I've seen worse, but still YDI

Maybe you can make it up to him with a "Give me money" sign?

iLike2Teabag 27

That would only subject his friend to ridicule from people who think he's homeless. Nobody would give him any money.

Or throw quarters at him, really hard.

Pretty sure an FML was posted recently involving a quarter and a broken windscreen

Doing something stupid and douchey "for fun" is a surefire way to get a YDI vote from me.

vividpictures 17

I wouldn't necessarily call it "douchey", just childish and immature.

Mads_1234 28

I'd call it douchey.

You didn't perhaps think it would be prudent to intervene when he started beating the shit out of him?

afkwarrior 25

You are one cowardly, cowardly bastard. Go sit on the bloody naughty step you absolute child.

Hehehe. Also I dunno why, but.. I read that in a very posh "British" accent...