By Anonymous - 22/08/2014 16:56 - New Zealand - Auckland

Today, my boss chewed me out for correcting several spelling and grammar mistakes in one of his reports. The words "Think you're so damn smart, don't ya?" were uttered. I'm his secretary, and proofreading his shit is part of my job. FML
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hes ungrateful. but either way its a lose lose bc dont correct his shit he'll yell at you too


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She can't necessarily fire her boss.

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Hi, sarcasm, how are you today?

#1 That's right because it's always easy firing the boss.

Ninja, and feeling invisible in the first comment. Leaving my user looking rather daft. How are you? -Sarcasm

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Pardon me, sarcasm. Rather hard to portray sarcasm over the internet, but I think you'd know that no?

Then one shouldn't use what they can't portray properly don't you think? Please stop abusing me. I will have confidence issues soon... - Sarcasm

*uses sarcasm in joke* *states how sarcasm is hard to read* Doctor maybe we should just kill her with fire?

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That was really funny, 15. -sarcasm

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That was situational irony not sarcasm.

It's okay, #1. I got what you were trying to do. Chin up.

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LOL! Your idiotic comment made me laugh!

My goodness... Everyone just keeps putting everyone down, yet these comments are often quite funny even better than the FML itself sometimes :) no offense to anyone.

Wow #1 someone woke up on the wrong side of the bed today jumping down everyone's throat all because you couldn't come up with a good sarcastic comment which is nobody else's fault but your own so take a chill pill.

39 - thread jacking would be talking about something completely irrelevant to the first post. However if you think this was thread jacking and inappropriate who passed away and gave you the rights to do the same?

OK GUYS WE GET IT. She tried to be funny and she failed at trying to be funny. *says sarcastically*

Try touché because if you touchy your boss in the wrong place its more than your job at stake.

hes ungrateful. but either way its a lose lose bc dont correct his shit he'll yell at you too

No this isn't lose lose -- the way should you do it is SUBTLEY. Never make your boss feel like an idiot or damage his ego. Always make your boss look good. Correct such mistakes quietly and discreetly. Learn to play the game. YDI.

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While you're absolutely right, I still wouldn't say she deserves it just because her boss is an immature douche with a fragile ego.

How exactly does someone proof read shit?

Put on some gloves and pick out the corn, #51?

So if you didnt work there he'd be a laughing stock and he repays by... Threatening to fire, you got a great boss

Some people just shouldn't be the boss of anyone.

That sucks op some people some people will be jerks and you just have to deal with then

You can always fix his typos, if only it was the same for his ego...

Ya, it sounds like he was embarrassed and his pride was hurt. But I don't understand why he would draw attention to that, and his mistakes, by having a conversation about it, especially one where he sounds like an jealous idiot. He sounds like a huge jerk. Maybe try explaining that it is your job to proofread his work and edit his mistakes, then ask if there are certain pieces of work he doesn't want you to edit. Hopefully he'll realize that he would look way worse if you didn't help him with his mistakes. Good luck OP!

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"If I weren't so damn smart then you would look a damn sight more stupid." If only jobs weren't so hard to come by, and bosses weren't so 'fire happy'.

sounds like a lose lose situation! you correct it he yells, you don't correct he yells

Sounds like you have an ungrateful and incompetent boss. But just keep up the good work because it sounds like you're doing great besides having to deal with assholes.