By haileelouxxx - 22/08/2014 12:05 - Australia - Brisbane

Today, my boss slapped me across the face with a raw chicken breast. FML
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Least it wasn't human. I'm sure that would have been more awkward.

That must have been rather fowl.


Least it wasn't human. I'm sure that would have been more awkward.

Depends on the human breast(s)

idk I think I might prefer a human breast... ya know... because of salmonella and stuff

I guess human breast would be preferred if it were still attached to the anterior chest wall. And not raw.

If it was still attached to the anterior chest wall, then it'd definitely be raw. And I do think it would be more preferable to be slapped with a human breast, fun even.

Is she on hell's kitchen?

Would you prefer it had been a cooked human breast?

That must have been rather fowl.

Seems your boss got the breast of you.

sounds like a raw deal

Well OP probably hooted up a storm

Try to make him fly the coop.

Uh.... Uh.... CHICKEN!

Sounds like the boss is a real turkey. I'd advise the OP to flip him the bird and fly far away before he gets goosed.

Maybe if OP stopped clucking around during work he wouldn't get slapped.

What was the reason for that?

Her boss was challenging OP to a duel, clearly. He lacked gloves, hence the chicken breast.

The worst part about this is that I keep imagining this all happening in an office, which usually isn't a place for a chicken breast to be laying around...

Yeah, what kind of work place has raw chicken breasts lying around?

Hell's Kitchen

A deli in a supermarket

What'd you do?

Beating you with his meat... What a jerk. File a complaint.

his meat?.. *coughs*..

What a 'jerk'.....

Guess that's where jerk chicken comes from.

i wonder what you did to deserve that

He didn't "choke the chicken right"

Was it finger licking good?

Aaaand I am not eating at that restaurant.

Shame you don't know which restaurant it is that you need to avoid. Now you're doomed to be forever looking at every restaurant/chicken shop with suspicious eyes and wondering if this is where the breast bashing boss works.

If it even is a restaurant. I picture it in an office and it's a lot funnier.

Good thing I don't like chicken...

I can't even think of a situation when this makes halfway sense!

Take a whole chicken and throw it at him.