By Anonymous - 14/10/2009 21:27 - United States

Today, I went to a party where I met some nice girls. One of them was really sweet and we were having a great time in my friend's backyard. As I was on the swing, I was gonna give her my number, but instead, I gave her a harsh kick to the face. FML
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You're doing it wrong. You're supposed to HIT on girls, not KICK on them. Sheesh.

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she was the one pushing him :)


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Oooh. That sucks! But it'll be okay. Maybe she'll be nice enough to realize it was an accident. Good luck!

broo... your so dumb haha. so excited you kicked her in face? really? come on now.

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ur on fml too much arent u? ive seen u post comments on like every fml ive read

You're on quite a bit if you notice me that much. (;

@29... perhaps they are... but YOU are the one with the royally ****** up life.

@34... I misunderstood who was being referenced by the comment. My response was intended towards OP, but it references you directly. My sincere apology, and thanks for that deserved open-palm face slap.

Y does it always happen before something good is about to happen?

swing set? Was mommy standing 3 feet away cheering you on, too?

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she was the one pushing him :)

Totally. And there you are Twinny! I've missed your sarcastic butt.

There I am? Have I been lost or something? Am I wandering through limbo? If you're wondering where I've been today, I have to illustrate 24 pages of a story in Photoshop before the 19th for my English class =/

I saw something like that on your Facebook. -snuggles- That's a ******* lot though. At least you didn't kick your future beloved in the face, eh?

Not yet... It'll be like Ryu doing one of his mid-air kicks in Street Fighter.

If your gonna kick someone do it well,like a nice roundhouse kick to the jaw will do next time

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HAHAHAH more like **** HER life!