By Cooper491 - 15/09/2011 21:22 - Australia

Today, I was at a bar with my friend, when I noticed a young lad at a table near to us. I thought it'd be funny to jeer and flick peanuts at him. I went to the restroom, only to come back to my friend face-down on the floor. Turns out the guy fucked him up instead, and now he won't talk to me. FML
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Well I always say better him than you. FHL though for knowing a dbag like you.

That guy beat up your friend as a reward for throwing peanuts at him. What were you expecting OP, was he gonna give you a one way ticket to Disney World for that? YDI

Maybe the guy is severely allergic to peanuts. You soooo deserved it.

Guess that guy doesn't like nuts in the face...

Guess that guy doesn't like nuts in the face...

he deserves it yeah but its kind of an overreaction for him to hit OPs friend for it

How is this an FML? If anything, it should be a ISLLML (I'm so luck I love my life) for the guy, cause he was a dick to the guy and his friend took it for him. Bitch, you deserve it.

Australians --> bars...bars --> bar fights. Hmm no biggie. This is normal for them.

That's why I only associate myself with bodybuilders or MMA fighters

Hahahaha that sucks for him but sounds like it should be in a movie XD

108- You're an idiot, because on the off chance that your friend gets in a fight with someone because of something you did, he's going to ******* destroy you after he finishes off the other guy.

Probably not op's first time hitting other men with nuts.

Today, my asshole of a friend got me beat up. FML

1's picture is perfect for this. It reminds me of the episode of Spongebob where Spongebob throws peanuts at the huge clam, then Patrick gets blamed for it. However the ending is different....close enough though :D. As for the Fml, I have to say ydi for doing that to a stranger.

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hahaha new south wales.... im guessing western sydney xD

Actually it's acceptable to throw peanuts at lads. It's almost the law.

Lol your a Fag go play with your boys on your ship and stfu u gay ****. If the guy was was so tanked and capable of '******* destroying' OP I think he would have either done it initially or waited until he was out of the bathroom...seems more like the guy was an opportunist...u dumb American lol...ur government kills your own ppl (9/11) and u all do nothing (biggest push over country ever!!...haha and your in their navy u poof)

145 - I supply them with their roids, they would never fight me

Oh noooo! :( You annoyed and provoked a guy but someone else got beat up for it. That's awful, OP, it must have really hurt your feelings. -_-

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Serious. I don't understand people who are deliberately rude.

I feel bad for his friend, he should have complained about having his ass kicked for something he didn't do

Today, my friend decided to taunt another man at a bar by flicking peanuts at him. When he left to go to the bathroom, the man then decided to **** me up. FML

62, Great, another comment formatted to look like an FML...

OP you are a ******* ass hole. How dare you think it Is "fun" to throw peanuts at someone. Obviously your friend didn't take part and took all the blame. So its really his life was ****** more than yours. I hope he never talks to you again.

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Asshole is an understatement. How would you like it if we all came to your house and threw peanuts at you! Or if your friend stole drugs and you got taken to jail? Beyotch!

I hate peanut throwers as much as the next guy, but comparing that to stealing drugs and going to jail is ridiculous.

Jeez, flicking peanuts isn't exactly model behavior but no need for everyone to damn him to hell. The peanut flickee sounds like the asshole. Who kicks someone's ass for flicking peanuts at them?

#166 look up what a lad is and you'll see who does that and why op wasn't in the wrong. I hate lads.

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171- I looked up lads as you suggested; "Lad: An australian youth subculture centred around individuals who hang out in gangs, engage in petty theft, pick fights, vandalise property and use foul language which generally involves a great deal of pig latin. They usually wear polo shirts and short shorts." I can see how they could be annoying, but it still doesn't give OP the right to 'Jeer and throw peanuts' at him. That's just annoying and immature. People deserve common decency and respect.

174, doesn't sound like those kids GIVE respect

I read that in Pearl's voice from Will Ferrell's Landlord video.

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Lol he ain't asshole. It's funny bout peanuts but sucks his friend got beat up. More like FHL

The nerve of him! If you wanna show other guys your nuts, go to a gay bar, asshole :(

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I hope op got his ass beat.. What an idiot

I'm sorry, but how do you have any right to complain?

Who hits FYL for this asshole? It sucks to be the friend though.

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Ignorant people like u deserve an ass whoopin. If I was your friend I'd beat ur ass too

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how does it suck for OP if it was his friend who got his ass beat? OP is the one who threw the nuts at the guy so he clearly deserved it...

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nooo it sucks because his buddy won't talk to him

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Would you talk to your friend after you just got your ass beat up because of his behavior? Pretty logical don't you think?

OMG you stupid bitch!! His friend got beat up when it should have been OP.... The GUY who threw the peanuts

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Must have been at The Elephant Bar.

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And then the elephant took a stake and thrust it through his head.

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Does that make us the Peanut Gallery? Get it, cuz nuts... we're the comment section... and... ah **** it.

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Moral of the story: Don't mess with the young lads.